Borderlands 3 Crash and Unsaved Story(PC)

Hello my BL3 just crashed and I lost a few hours of levels, stats, guns, shift code keys which I cannot re enter ect on PC. I went from level 27 back down to my save from last night at 21. My game crashes a lot so when it crashed and i rebooted it just a few minutes ago all the progress from today(about 5 hours of work!!!) was gone. I looked on these forums and thought i found a “fix” when I had went thru my save files to see what I could find in case they just got miss placed but all it did was boot Apex Legends from all my save files (in which there were 3). Not sure what to do is my progress even there? HELP

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i lost ALL preorder bonuses as i was keeping them in my BANK for safe storage, ironically my WHOLE BANK GOT WIPED i lost all 8 golden keys for buying the $100 version, im in the same boat, i lost the $40 i paid for, and i didnt even have a chance to even use a golden key

I just lost 2 hours of farming I had 2 amazing legendary class mods and two amazing new guns I just got and didn’t even really get to use them, I had got them then loged off to take a nap then when I loged back in every thing was gone and I lost all the progress I made in my quest as well