Borderlands 3 crashes after amd intro screen

I preordered the game and installed it right away. When release came I played 4 hours straight without any hickups.
Two days ago, I want to start the game and it crashes every time after the amd intro video laggs horribly across my screen.
Since then I’ve tried every possible solution suggested online or here in the forums.

This is some serious bullshitterino for a game definitley not worth 100€!!
I can surely say its not my hardware or anything related to my pc or the download of the game!
Yesterday evening I’ve reinstalled the game and it worked for exactly 20 minutes.
After this, the exact same problem.

So many bug reports, so many forum posts even on Reddit, where your staff has answered soo many posts, there is no statement or anything you’ve provided to fix this problem.

For me the game does’nt even start.
But when it eventually will, what’s the next bug I definitely will encounter???

Gearbox, please fix your S**t