Borderlands 3 crashes whole pc during opening movie

When attempting to play the game, once the bandit gets hit by the car in the very start of the opening movie the game and my pc completely restart. I’m on Windows 7 and all my graphics drivers are updated. I am currently using a

Radeon RX 470 on Radeon software version 19.9.2 with Direct X11. Some assistance with finding a debug option or crash report for the game or even epic to see what is causing it to reset my whole system would be great.

This is down to an out of date BIOS, i had the same issue as did a few others update it and it should work.

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I also have the same problem, I created two characters without any issues but i can’t make the third. I can get past Marcus’ story but once the characters start getting introduced my pc resets itself. I have the latest drivers and my bios are fully up to date. It’s so so frustrating.

Put my graphics setting to very low and I got past it ayyyy

people, your PCs are overheating or unstable. check temperatures while playing and make sure your power supplies are sufficient. the issues you describe here are not game bugs.

Thats a very poor answer, my pc for one is not overheating or unstable i monitor them often.A BIOS update fixed this issue, not that the game works now as it still full of bugs for me and many others on here.

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I updated my BIOs and it helped with the auto crashing. Still crash from time to time, but not stuck behind the UNSINKABLE opening movie.

if a bios update fixed it, then your PC was unstable with the older bios.

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