Borderlands 3 Crashing Constantly

Hello, not sure where to direct this. Have not played the game for a little while just to new content is fresh and the game is fun to play. When starting the game, my cpu becomes pegged to 100% utilization. (Ryzen 3900x) My gpu is also not being used at all which I am finding very weird. I have a 2080 and I have been running the game at Ultra settings around 90 FPS up until now but even at high settings the game crashes. Sometimes the gpu gets pinged to 100% and the game would crash. I am on the epic launcher if that means anything. Another note is that crashes before would be whenever I loaded into a map but now it is just at random times. If I can direct this somewhere to get help sooner that would be much appreciated. I love the game and I would like to be able to play it more.

Off the top of my head, if your system has a built-in GPU, make sure the game is not trying to use that instead of the 2080. Otherwise, there’s a link to the official support desk in the pinned thread at the top of this section. A trawl through this section might also turn up some ideas of things to try in the meantime.

If it’s a crash, it’s a bump from me.