Borderlands 3 Crashing for anyone else?

I have been playing Borderlands 3 for about a month now since I’ve built my new PC and I’ve been loving it! I recently updated my Nvidia Drivers and when I tried to start up the game, it booted up, i loaded in and then i blue screened. Then I tried to start it again after that happened and it wouldn’t even get to the 2k logo that starts when you open the game. It gave me an error message. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the same thing is happening. However, it gives me an option to revert back to original settings, which is DirectX11. When its on DirectX11, it runs really bad on my computer. I have been playing on DirectX12 the whole month and that seems to be the main issue. When I turn on DirectX12 and restart the game, it crashes and won’t launch. Its not my hardware since Modern Warfare, Apex, Overwatch, etc all still run fine on my PC. Its just Borderlands 3 that crashes and wont work. Can someone please help me out I really want to play this game!!!

Try deleting/moving the files on C:\Users(your user)\AppData\Local\Borderlands 3\Saved. I’ve had the same issue after a crash/reboot. Those files seem to be the shader cache for DX12, and upon crashing , they get corrupted.

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should i just delete the files in there and then they reset when i open the game again?

You know when you first launch the game on DX12 and it takes a long time on the Claptrap screen with the loading bar saying “Optimizing Shaders”? That’s the game creating these files. The next time you start the game the program reaches for these files in order to launch. If you are insecure about completly deleting them (like I was) just move those to another folder (on your desktop or your documents, for example)

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THANK YOU THIS WORKED!!! Youre a saint

No I’m not! I just been through the same issue, and a streamer I follow (Mopioid) had the solution. As I saw that a lot of people had the same problem I’ve been here last couple days trying to spread the word hahahaha

Everyone deserves the extra FPS that DX12 offers

Holy cow. This solved my issues as well. Been having at least three crashes every startup since last November. Stress-tested my PC, had contact with support and nothing. Just deleted the folder and it starts now without problem.

Thanks so much for posting this!