Borderlands 3 Crashing on PC

I’m seeing my pc crash when i try to play Borderlands 3. Any ideas what’s causing this?

Random check - you playing DX12?

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nah i’m just using the pre installed graphics card on my tower since i’m not a tech person.

That’s fine, but the DirectX version that the game will run in, as selectable within the game options, may be on the DX12 option. If so (and the game is hung up on some issue with the cache files based on this), clearing them out should help… don’t remember if this puts you to DX11 or makes DX12 work, but it has fixed some crash issues for other players, and it’s an easy check/fix to try before you start into other nutty things.

I take it you’ve verified your game files (through Steam or Epic)?

@VaultHunter101, do you have a link to that post about the DX12 cache fix?

DX12 has been the default for a while - it was changed from the original DX11 default.

The files are in the BL3 Appdata, and I believe it’s in the local app data path (sorry - thought I had bookmarked that one, but apparently not)

When is the game crashing? When you’re starting it or actually while playing? My experience with BL3 is it will crash. Sometimes you can go a week or so without crashing or sometimes it will crash multiple times within minutes. Usually goes to Borderlands3.exe Not responding with the sound continuing. Been like this since Sept 2019, so just accept that the game will crash and there is nothing that can be done.