Borderlands 3 Crashing ps4

Ever since the new hot fix in January. I am having 6+ crashes a gaming session. Any one else experiencing this?


Yes, crashing on every three to five save quit reloads. Tried different HDMI cable, different port on tv, changing video output to a lower resolution, switching game between internal and external drive, both wireless and wired network, re-installing the game, rebuilding the database and a complete reinitialization of the PS4. Nothing…

Gearbox has responded… with a copy paste template for a PC. I have to keep telling them I have a ps4 and can’t do what they are suggesting.

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noticed the same thing on my PS4, thought it was my end as recently cleaned my PS4, and only been since rare chest event hotfix / update. Just glad it’s not just me going loopy lol

that pi55es me off and a blatent state of not reading the ticket.

I had exactly the same thing when i logged a ticket about not being able to right-stick click items in the inventory to mark as trash/favourite.

I was told to reinstall
clear cache and some other ■■■■■ unrelated to the ps4.

My game has never crashed once and I also play on PS4. The only time that I actually thought the game was about to crash was when I racked up so many critical hits in so little time that I thought it would lagged the game out complete (frames really started dropping).

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I’ve had it happen a few times. But not related to a particular cause.

Frame rates tend to be an issue when you have multiple brainstormers in flight on say Maliwan takedown.

I could see the half second input delay or so compared to other games. And I was saying the frame rate drops in relation to my issues with the crashing that I don’t get and that’s it’s the closest to crashing I’ve had. I used to farm Graveward for random legendaries and experience and I did like maybe 50 save and quit reloads and never has it crashed on me. I guess I’m lucky enough to not get this issue? Plus I do have the physical copy of the game and not just digital so maybe that has a slightly different effect? Whatever it is, everyone knows the game is very buggy and terribly optimized and they really need to fix it asap. I don’t care about new content I care about the game being more enjoyable to play.