Borderlands 3 crashing Xbox one X constantly

Ive seen a few threads about this so I will keep it short.

Your game is crashing my Xbox one X on a regular basis when ever I join a group. It also happens to my friends when they join me.

I’m honestly going to give up playing because of this. I have purchased the season pass which I wish now I hadn’t.

On a side note if your thinking about buying Borderlands 3 to play with friends don’t, the game has a fatal flaw wait till you can get it on sale if you really have to play it.

It happens to my XB1X quite a bit just when I go to fast travel.

try uninstalling and reinstalling it. might help

Ive done that, still does the same.

I had the same issue. I ended up clearing the disc and blu ray cache 3 times and rebooted the console. After that I deleted and reinstalled the game. Haven’t had any full Xbox crashes since I have done it. Just a game crash a couple times but not often enough to be bothered with.

Xbox One X user here.

While I wouldn’t say it’s happening “constantly” it does happen more than usual compare to other games. Both myself and a few friends (also with an X) have had the game crash several times already (which is alarming considering that the game hasn’t been out for 30 days yet).

I think it has something to do with UI because it always seems the game crashes during the end of a load screen or when accessing some menu.

I have a normal xboxone and it has never crashed my game when joining or fast travelling its froze 3 or 4 times and I’ve had to restart it but that’s it maybe the console crashing is only happening on the xbox1x

When I play I normally like to play for a few hours when I’m playing with random groups using match making the whole time period my console will crash 2-4 time in that time span. “Constantly” is an average of 1 crash per hour using match making. each match will take 10-20 min average so its bombing out my console on a ratio of 1:3.5 matches.

Put simply its not good enough. No other game on my Xbox one X has done this before pretty poor effort by Gearbox.

Yea I never do MM. I play solo or with friends only. Not about to deal with toxic people LOL.

So maybe that’s the culprit, something with MM.

I have the same problem occasionally with matchmaking, my game also crashes when to much stuff is ahppening on the screen. Mostly when I tried to farm jabbermogwai and I threw a ice hex, but also when i was farming red jabber. It might have to do with jabbers or eden 6 because i can go crazy in the circle of slaughters wiith no problem. I also could never throw the old porcelain pipe bomb without crashing so I missed out on that fun :smiley: