Borderlands 3 creations

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Any cool ideas that come to mind post em here!

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The ability to find attachments for your guns . As well as purchasable melee weapons like swords and tomahawks.

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(Anthonygaff) #3

Ttrejo I love that idea. I have some ideas on Bosses like what if there was big skinny beast with a diamond head and on the head was a door with one eye and it was called the Keeper or a fat pig man called porkey that was always drunk. Again I really think being able to find attachments is pretty cool and with the elemental melee weapons would they be elemental?

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sure !

(Cam) #5

I have thought very hard about this and I think it would make a very cool legendary.
I call it the slot machine which function like a slot machine. A Jakobs revolver where the cylinder spins like a slot machine and you’ll get either health, money, or extra damage. Something that would be really cool to add is if you get 3 money signs it actually works like money shot from borderlands 2. The designs i’ve been thinking is either you pay a little money to fire it like how you pay to play the slots in the older games. Thoughts???

(Anthonygaff) #6

YES we need more interactive guns like this. Keep these ideas coming!

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We have had somewhat similar however in Borderlands The Pre Sequel Remember the luck cannon your Idea is not bad though.

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That actually gives me ideas if your lucky you could get an elemental part for your gun and it could change the element of the gun. But it would be quite rare.

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(Cam) #9

Yeah, This could be a luck cannon 2.0!

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That gun is godly tbh would love to see drop rates increased! I sadly never got hands on with luck cannon yet its so rare.

(Cam) #11

I am pretty sure during the game play event I saw a gun that looked like a Flintlock pistol which got me thinking. What about a Jakobs pistol that has only one capacity but kicks like a b!tch. And due to jakobs when you get a critical it bounces to other enemies. This gun has one capacity, can actually push enemies back, and bounce to other enemies. There would be a couple prefixes i thought of. Impact Flintlock which gives you more damage and can push back enemies farther. Rubber Flintlock which has a higher chance to bounce and hit enemies. Than finally the Double Penetrating Flintlock which fire two bullets at once instead of the one in the chamber. Let me know what y’all think.

(Cam) #12

Another idea and former reference to Portal is teh companion gun. Since in portal, test subjects would make friends with the cube due to isolation, we could have the gun talk to the player too, giving compliments the player after a kill. Knowing previous games have had talking guns. The companion gun can be a Tediore SMG, shotgun or whatever which you throw away and it could insult you for throwing you away. if there was a red text included the best fitting would be “Is it me, or is this gun talking?” I believe Gearbox will have fun making this gun.

(Cam) #13

Could it be like Aurelia’s element skill with sniper rifles in her huntress tree?

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sure i just had complete my pre-order of BL3 so im so happy!! :smile: Im on xbox btw not pc and its the first BL game i have pre-orderered

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Just imagine a vladof tree for moze +Damage and fire rate and reload speed moze’s second tree critical hits and fire rate gun damage third skill tree based around Grenade and rockets + Explosive damage
First tree based around beast taming / conjuration
second tree Gun Damage tree
third gun damage explosive damage accuracy tree

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ENEMY TAGLINE: This thing is all ass.