Borderlands 3 crew challenge reset

Please gearbox make it so we can reset crew challenges for Xbox or any platform


We’ve been asking for this since launch.


Hard agree.

Oh, and buff the Vibra-Pulse pls, it’s just a bank collectible at this point smh

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This is something most players want, that or make the challenge only and story mode only items, looking at you pearl of knowledge world drops from a boss to takedown.

Been asked even before the DLC1… Yet, both DLC 1 and DLC 2 have it…

There’s items that can’t roll anointments…

There’s a huge list of obvious things that GBX keeps ignoring still…

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Yeah, this isn’t going to make me want to play a new character. In fact, if I ever did want to play a new character, this would make me NOT want to. This should be an extremely low-effort fix.