Borderlands 3 Crossplay voice chat not working

So as of today the new update for ps4 being able to play with all the other platforms is here!
And me being on pc and my friend being on ps4 I thought it was pretty sweet we could play together but the issue lies in when once we join our voice chat doesn’t work what so ever :(… And believe me all of my end was set up the only borderlands 3 will let you set it up and the ps4 is not very hard to set up as well, so my question of course is why can we not talk to each other online. And of course I do realize that this update just came out 11 1/2 hours ago but maybe there is something I missed ?


My and one of my friends had the same issue he was on Xbox and me on PlayStation could not figure it out.

Wow, you can actually play with other people? Getting massive shift connection issues myself.

Same issue here. On PC playing with Ps5 players and no voice audio comes in.

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I also have the same issue. Playing on PS5 with a friend on PC (Epic). I tried to open a ticket to the support ( They adviced to do a cache clear, and also to check my connection (wich is really solid and supports any other multiplayer game with voice chat)
I post the link to the clear cache instruction, if it can help someone :

Hello. So did someone manage to solve the problem with voice chat? If so, tell me how to do it?

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Same problem here, tried all solutions I’ve found online but still unable to hear friends in game

I had the same problem. Me on Xbox Series and my friend on PS5.

My crappy McGyver solution was to turn on my PS4, start a voice chat with my PS5 friend and use smal headphones there. Then i startet the game on my Series X joined the game party and put larger headphones with the game sound over the smaller ones.
It kinda worked in a crappy way but now my ears hurt - so i would not recommend that.

So some kind of a in game voice chat would be nice to have.


Same issue here. PS4 to PC is not working.



I did have a few exchange with the support (since I opened a ticket describing the issue, like 3 or 4 days ago) They decided to open a bug report and transmit it to the dev team.
The support team cannot do anything more for the moment, so we just have to wait and see if the dev team is able to qualify and correct the issue.
If any update comes, I’ll post here.

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I hope you do hear back but I will also be honest with you, don’t expect anything. I’m still waiting to hear back from the development team regarding the console stability issues that 2k was even able to replicate and that was a few years ago. @GBX approach to “appease” the masses is to make a standard cut and paste statements of

“We’re looking into it”
“We’re aware of it”
“Not at this time”

Yeah I know this seems cynical and to an extent it is but when you have people from GBX even making light of their statements (just do a little digging here on the forum) it just goes to show that unless a streamer is going to make it an issue don’t expect much.

Hi @patbateman72
Thanks for this piece of info and for tour honesty.
Still, I hope this issue will get resolved… I also guess there is bugs that are easier to fix than other, we can only hope this one is not too hard to fix and is just a config issue or something…


We also experienced this issue (PC + PS4).

I appreciate the bug report! Where can this report be found? Is it possible to give a vote on the bug report somehow?

Also who are the developers that can fix this? Is it Gearbox Software developers or SHiFT developers (since the latter has to do with the cross-play solution)?

Now folks, based on our BL3 experience, we all know that GBX will jump right on this, and Real Soon Now, it’ll be fixed.

Well first they have to let us know they are “looking into it” or “are aware of it”, then they will follow up and let us know “not at this time” when we ask for updates.

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Lol… That is perfect.

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Thanks for the post.
I hope they gonna fix it as soon as possible.
I wanna play co-op with Xbox and PC friends.
That’s radiculous, they made possibility to play Co-op game without voice chat.