Borderlands 3 cube puzzle

I managed to get the cube lit up on five sides but the 6th was not giving in, which I thought might be down to the launcher I was using to hit the cube. So I decided to travel to sanctuary to get other guns to try but when I came back none of the cube was lit up and now won’t light up. Any help?

Did you try quitting to the main menu then trying again?

Try using standard ammo

Quitting worked, thank you!

The cube requires bullets from each elemental type for each side. ( shock, corro, incen, cryo, rad, explo) It will then spew guns.

Best to do this at level 50

I’m struggling with this. I can’t get any of the sides to light up. I’ve tried all the different elements.

I’m on PC. Also, no one seems to be joining me. I’ve opened my game to the public. I can join other games, so I don’t think it’s firewall-related.

NVM. A player finally came along and he was able to light all the sides.