Borderlands 3 Custom/Dedicated Servers

I thought of an idea that combines my recent concepts for Borderlands 3. I know character data is localized and easy to manipulate, this can be a huge plus for some… but others end up feeling like there progress is less meaningful. I had this problem a bit, but my old suggestions were trash. Different save types was one of them. Basically you would have a local save load or online save load option per each server… this was an issue because it required databases n’ such. Then you had my older concept of forcing saves to all be online based… also a database issue. I think now I got the right idea… i’m not sure if someone could mod a server to do this either, but I think base game support would be nice.

My concept is to allow a server to save everyone’s character in a local database on the host’s dedicated server. Meaning people could decide to hosts dedicated servers that would save other players character to that. There would be security protocols.etc so people thus couldn’t manipulate data. And it’d give an option to host maybe custom servers? Perhaps even theses servers could be a bit more customizable as a plus, granted the server list would need to have more diversity. Maybe a counteraction would be to let these same servers be under a “Custom” game type. Perhaps certain aspects like enemy difficulty, bosses.etc could be easily adjusted and maybe loot drop chances.etc THEN you have the base game servers obviously loaded from each client to the host client’s server like usual.

What this could in turn provide as well, is more communities of players playing together and such because a particular server hosts brings them together via data. One issue is trying to keep everyone within’ eachother’s level scheme n such. One possible fix is that players could be in different places in the given world at once (with a particular playthrough enabled) this would create RAM problems most likely i’m sure.

I had forgot to mention one issue that perhaps you couldn’t theoretically host multiple servers on one computer thus only 1 server (max of 4 players mind you) is available. Not sure if a computer could host multiple servers or what not. Perhaps some API that can read off a particular database that the users could make would be another fix for that. ALTHOUGH this seems far fetched, I do believe players could host more than 1 server.

Please give me some constructive feedback on this matter. Thank you!

(I will post in another section I guess. This may be the wrong one)