Borderlands 3 cutscenes not working but game is

My game launches fine to the main menu but when I try and start a game I get stuck on a black screen and once I close the game I hear the start of the cutscene audio then it closes out, no picture just audio. What I have tried:
Waiting for ever to load
Checking to make sure it’s in directx11
Switching around my video settings a bunch no change
Reinstalled it and it didnt do anything
I have went into the files and deleted the MARCUS_INTRO.mp4 movie to see if that was the issue and once I tried to start a game from main menu without the cutscene file in the game I got subtitles stacking on top of eachother so it looked like a bunch of words not readable like you got a text box with words in it then got another text box with dif text and overlapped that onto the other, I heard the audio of a cutscene not sure which but no picture, waited to see and just went to black like before. Closed it

I attempted to remove literally every movie from the directory C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Borderlands3\OakGame\Content\Movies and I got to the title screen, from there I was able to click start game and it immediately hopped to the scene with the bandits and the skags and the bar fight and ■■■■, then to the bus character select screen, I picked my character and can continue with the game ,all the cutscenes that were in that folder are kinda missing so i’m assuming that the cutscenes are the source to my issues. I had a similar issue with injustice 2 and I have yet to have that fixed so im kinda ■■■■ outa luck.
I have no clue what to do nobody else seems to have the same issue I have browsed forum after forum and no answer

I’v got same problem and did exactly same thing just cut all movies create character and then put movies back because you will have problem with completing one of the first quests when you need to look at screen

I did that and got to the screen in the first mission but nothing shows up on it even after the movie files are back in and a restart

I’m having this problem as well.
The opening cutscene + splash screens play fine in VLC, but don’t run when the game loads.

if it helps, here are my specs:
Win 10, 3770K + 16GB ram + RTX 2070 + GTX 750Ti

Same problem here. Can’t get past the screen objective in the quest. Any of you got the fix yet?