Borderlands 3 cutscenes not working making the game unplayable

As the title says, all of the cutscenes are bugged and never really start or end leaving a black screen every time I try to start a new game. This also goes for whatever logos get displayed before the game starts, but the game loads even though the logos aren’t displayed. (I’m talking about the intro videos and splash screens)
I am certain that it is the cutscenes as when I removed the cutscenes from the Movies folder in the BL3 directory and clicked new game the game went to the bar fight scene instantly.
I am unable to progress because of the “look at the monitor” task in one of the early quests.
Things I have tried to do to fix my issues so far:
-installing the latest version of the K-Lite codec pack
-updating my GPU drivers
-updating .NET Framework
-updating Windows
-verifying file integrity multiple times
-reinstalling the game

It is obviously not a hardware error as only two other games have shown the same problem and they are both on the Epic Games launcher, and those are Fortnite and Dauntless. I have played tons of games off of the launcher and have never seen a similar problem.
Please help.

My game crashes non stop since new update feelsbadman.


I know I’m digging this topic a litte bit, but I’m facing this exact issue with cutscenes being all black (or white) screen with only audio playing.
I’m thus unable to move past the part where you need to look at a screen with a video playing.

Have anyone found something to fix/workaround this ?

Some specs here :

  • Windows 10 Version 10.0.19041
  • Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core, 3800 MHz
  • GPU Radeon RX 5700XT with up to date drivers
  • In game graphics settings ranging from low to ultra with no difference regarding this issue

EDIT: found the solution on an obscure french forum.
Issue is with Windows 10 Pro N not shipping “Media feature Pack”.
You have to add it manually on Windows => Settings => Applications => Manage optional features => Add a feature => Media feature pack