Borderlands 3. Death freeze bug

The last few days, Borderlands 3 can randomly became a Death Frozen on top of all windows. Music continues to play, all part of my PC work correctly when that had happened. I checked all, CPU, GPU, RAM, update all driver, reinstall the game. But all of this didn’t help me.
And if I were in coop session when BL3 had get Frozen, my character remain in coop session, can die, have trade and duel invitation. It would drop only when I kill the process with task manager.

My PC:
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V LX
CPU - i5-3570
GPU - Asus GTX 1070Ti
RAM - 16GB
System - Windows 10

Welcome to the club. This is a known issue of the last Mayhem 2.0 patch, there are dozenzs of people affected by that, you can check other topics here for some possible workarounds, but there isn’t a permanent solution yet. We are waiting.

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Thanks, I tried everuthing but still have this Death Freezes -_-
It is sad because I make a BL3 content for russian community, but with this bug I event can’t record correctly.
Let me know if there will be some patch or solution. I will be very grateful.

Sorry to hear that. I haven’t been playing in 3 weeks, i missed the last event almost completely, due to this bug. You can easily check that the problem is the new mayhem: try playing the game at mayhem 1-4, you will be fine, i promise. But if you try m5 or above, the game freezes. I’m praying that a fix will be out soon, because they have announced the new raid for 4th June, i really wanna play it.

Reroll mayhem modifiers to get rid of any flying things, some say the chain gang is a problem as well, also avoid cryo explosive weapons like the plague. Doesn’t matter if you or the enemy is using them. Both will trigger the screen lock.

It ducks royally.

Thanks, I will try.

Mayhem modifires doesn’t change anything… I reroll to this and still got Death Freeze =(

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you have 2 drone objects there…the laser spinner and post mortem…

This has nothing to do with drone objects. I get the freezes even without those. (Holy crit, big kick, mob mentality and those puddles from the enemy). And it happens even with the cartel event disabled.

Still got Freeze. I hope GearBox will fix this as soon as possible.

I hear ya m8. they’ve got me running through so many hoops that have ZERO to do with the actual game.

I have no idea what it is they’re trying to accomplish with the troubleshooting.

Probably gonna end up being the stupid DRM.

damn, well I ran for nearly a week without an issue with a similar setup, but then i accidentally left my game public and the modifiers re-rolled , now I’m back to screenlocks whenever cryo explosions happen.

Just activated DX12 with -notexturestreaming activated and could do a Maliwan Takedown on Mayhem 10 without a freeze, though with two almost-freezes (screen freezes for a half a second or so, but then recovers). Game needs 5 minutes to load, but if it helps …

Didn’t play long enough to really tell, though.

What didn’t help:

  • latest drivers
  • full screen mode or windowed mode
  • not using cryo weapons
  • removing overclocking on graphics card (including removed OV)
  • deactivating Cartel event in the menue
  • setting graphics to low
  • turning volumetric fog off
  • -notexturestreaming
  • -useallavailablecores
  • reducing background processes in Windows

What did help:

  • not using the scope (reduced freezes, but did not completely remove them)

This is for sure:
I had no freezes/crashes before the event/before mayhem 10. It was absolutely stable.

Edit: using DX12 didn’t help, either. I did three runs on Maliwan Takedown, on the third run I got a freeze again.

Just did the “clean boot” method where i’m running in pretty much safe-mode…

goes fine and dandy…till i pull out a cryo explosive weapon…then screenlocked within 30 seconds.

I can replicate it on any map and in every mayhem level/combination that I can find.

now to wait to see what the support folks decide to try this time…

Hmmm… I made a few changes and now it got pretty stable.

  • I added -notexturestreaming. Result: Longer load times but less stuttering. Still constant freezes.
  • I swapped to DX12. Result: much more stable, but still got freezes. Less stuttering, better gaming experience. Extremely long loading time for the game.
  • Switched mayhem modifiers to: Holy Crit, Pool Party, Healy Avenger, Speed Demon/Lootsplotion. Result: No freezes since then.

With the new mayhem modifiers I did two runs on Maliwan Blacksite with Fl4k without any trouble. Worked fine. I did a tour with my Zane on Ultraviolet without even a flinch in my gaming experience. That used to be a sure freeze in minutes. No problem now.

I used to have Big Kick and Mob Mentality as modifiers. I could imagine that Big Kick conflicted with using the scope on weapons. And maybe Mob Mentality hat trouble with interacting with some explosions escpecially when many mobs exploded. Just a theory. And I didn’t play long enough yet, to be sure that it works fine now. Still: progress. For science.

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Thanks, will try your setup.

Just finished Proving Grounds - Survival. No Death freeze, but have a few micro-freeze moments.
Have this M10 mods. Also I thinks that Holy Crit, Pool Party and Healy Avenger must be always, but the first and easy mod could be anything.

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my “stable so far” setup is More than Ok Boomer, High Voltage, Pool Party , Holy Crit.

I can get around the shock immune enemies as i run a 150 rad <50 health anoint on nearly all of my guns for moze.

But this still means I can ONLY play solo. forget any type of group play as once the modifiers change, it’s back to hard lock city.

Healy Avenger seems to work. Good to hear that More Than Okay Boomer seems to work, too.

If we assume that it is single mods that cause the freezes and not strange combinations, we can say these mods are safe:
Holy Crit, Pool Party, Healy Avenger, High Voltage, More Than Okay Boomer, Lootsplotion, Galaxy Head and Speed Demon.

These combinations have been tested by people who had constant freezes and it fixed their problems:

  • Holy Crit, Pool Party, Healy Avenger, More Than Okay Boomer
  • Holy Crit, Pool Party, Healy Avenger, Speed Demon
  • Holy Crit, Pool Party, Healy Avenger, Galaxy Head
  • Holy Crit, Pool Party, Healy Avenger, Lootsplotion
  • Holy Crit, Pool Party, High Voltage, More Than Okay Boomer

Awesome, so im not the only one with this issue. I cant play any of the DLC or the cartel event. At this point it is pointless to play BL3.