Borderlands 3 deletes save files overnight

Hello. Steam user here.

Has anyone else experienced losing HOURS of proggress out of the blue?

I bought the game as soon as it came out on steam, and i was so excited to play. I’ve loved playing, and i’ve come pretty far. However, when logging in today, it was as if i opened the game for the first time. I had to accept SHIFT terms of use etc. My character was also gone completely. My pc is not setup for backup apparently, so all the proggress is COMPLETELY gone.

I tried to start a new game, but didn’t even want to play after 2 minutes. I don’t think i will play the game anymore because of this gamebreaking bug.

Has anyone else experienced this? How can i make sure that they wont whipe out my save file again?

Please help, i am ■■■■■■■ desperate and frustrated.

Im STEAM user, have problem only with online coop.
SOmetimes I have problem with game crash videodriver, but all progress saved.

Check that the permissions on the game save folder haven’t been set to ‘read only’. Also check the Steam backup settings (I don’t know what the specifics are on that). You may want to enable incremental backups for your game save folder if you are on Windows 10. The game itself doesn’t do backups, deferring to whatever system/launcher the user is on (Steam, Epic, XBox, PSN). This means if you are using a platform cloud save service, you have to make sure syncing takes place after a session before you turn the box off.

It’s also well-known that anti-virus/malware/ransomware apps will lock the save folder because an internet-connecting program modifying local save files looks suspicious to those things. You can set exclusions to prevent it should this indeed be the case. The usual suspects are Windows Defender, BitDefender, and MalwareBytes.

The save is in:
C:\Users\[userID]\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames

I had to move my saves with a USB driver when I swapped computers, and if you are on a different login in Windows it could also be a problem. Also there are some Win 10 bugs that can wipe stuff out of My Documents after one of the recent MS pushes. Just check that folder, and if its empty try seeing if you have a backup of it.