Borderlands 3 Destination - Has it actually been confirmed?

Well, it seems like we may be heading to Promethea. Just been catching up over the past few days with all the streams and videos around, but Jake ‘Morning After Kill’ has a video up pretty much confirming all this gossip and speculation. There’s a very interesting bit about some morse code giving some proof of this.

Also mentions that Tannis may have alternative motives, or a secret agenda. One thing that’s discussed is the Alien artifacts/ruins stuff that went on in B1 and TPS, but I’m not a fan of that, so this leaves me with an unsettling feeling about what the story is actually going to be, and what the enemy and environments will be.

If they are still doing tech tests, surely we are a long way off seeing anything. Time…will…tell…

If your interested to see what he’s suggesting:

You’ve been missing all the fun in the Battleborn threads! Yes, Promethea confirmed.

See the great video by @mentalmars on the process to the solution:

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Wow, those are some Valve-caliber easter eggs.

Hype level 1 achieved.

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It’s definitely confirmed, because Randy pitchford confirmed it on his Twitter, saying, “Redditors have decoded some of the Borderlands lore messages hidden in Battleborn.”