Hi! Fix console freeze. This is the first!
No more limited time dlc/event/free content. I pay for this and i wanna use the anoint stuff after end of the event. RIP halloween grenade, shotgun, cartel anoitment… i love this stuff and i cant use anymore… are you f** kiddime?! Its not correct. Just annoying. New event, new gears… and scrap everything with new dlc. Wtf?

Don’t stress yourself out if you’re having a hard time in higher levels of Mayhem.
Just have fun… you’ll be able to get to those higher levels of Mayhem in no time. :wink:

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Ok thanks :wink:

Just go with the flow and you are good to go and good that the anointments are staying.
That is awesome news. That would be pointless if they removed the new anointments after the cartel event ends. So glad they listened. :smirk:


I truly would want that, too. However, this won’t extend the life of the game as GBX wanted, so RNG it is :frowning:

As current status I tried to lay my finger on a right mod with good prefix. Sadly, the loot universe is about to be over now; I still get no luck. 4 weeks hunting for one mod was really exhausted.

Cartel anointments are not going away.

Mod hunting should get its place after the event
Trials could be made viable f.e.
They are totally uselees right now

lol, maybe, but with low guardian ranks like i’m now, still helps a lot with +28% all weapon +32 splash. I’m still having trouble with true takedown M10. Trying to get there before patch. :slight_smile:

Sure, a good class mod is worth a lot
That’s why it should be possible to farm for them
You probably didn’t understand my post
Not com’s are useless
Trials are useless

Ironically, 5000% is the exact percentage that M10 would be if you removed gun scaling(guns do 2.5× damage at M10, so dividing 12500 by 2.5 is 5000)

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This is a common curse in a lot of games nowadays.

“We have 10 difficulty levels, but I find the most difficult one too hard for me, so please make it easier because I don’t want to use any of the other 9 difficulties.”

lol why are you so mad? cool psychology facts though :laughing:

These forums are not the place to do armchair psychoanalysis of other users. It’s fine to disagree on something (although it’s better to ask for clarification of the other’s PoV before diving in); it’s not OK to attack or put down other users on the basis of said disagreement.


Agreed. Conversations are much better when both sides present their points rather than attempting to tear the other person down with insults, such stating someone is egotistical and has a lack of logic.
Attributing motives to someone which they never stated is also a very poor way to approach an argument:

This is not productive and frankly, quite childish.
@gelboy I appreciate they are going to scale back M10 as well to make enemies less bullet spongy. Dumping mag after mag into the same non-badass enemy isn’t fun. But I do hope they seriously increase the number of enemies, even more so than the Cartel event has, keep M10 challenging. That seems like a much more enjoyable way to ramp up the difficulty while allowing you to still feel like a powerful badass.


Yeah! weird how they assumed i didnt want challenge. i love difficult games. i just want more gear and builds viable. my soulrender still kicks butt on m10, but by the time im at takedown bridge i run out of ammo!

Yeah, i want more options for difficulty than just the modifiers too. health scaling is more of a gear pass in my opinion. More and new types of enemies to change up mechanics would spice stuff up

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Agreed. I can’t wait till they fix the weapon scaling. My Headsplosion used to just destroy M4 and was so much fun to use the the proper build. Now it doesn’t even tickle the enemies haha

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I’m just baffled at the logic. You have 10 difficulty levels to choose from, and yet you complain that the toughest one is too hard. So then don’t play it, since you have 9 other difficulty levels you can play. Why can’t us that enjoy some actual difficulty have a setting we enjoy, too? Having 10 difficulty levels is pointless if all of them become too easy.

This is why this kind of attitude destroys game after game. I’ve seen it over and over again. Games that are too easy become boring to a lot of people. It’s part reason why I stopped playing for a long time. But we always have the “game is too hard” people to ruin it for everyone else, just because you refuse to take advantage of the difficulty slider that is already available to you.


Is there any word of when the next level cap increase will be?

I would think either with the Guardian Takedown or DLC3. Maybe somewhere in between?

Most likely between DLC3 and 4.