More skill points = less build diversity.
I think 60 will be max lvl, and extra 3 points will be added somewhere between DLC 3 and 4.


They should just give all dedicated drops the ion cannon treatment, problem solved.


i agree.

Farming is insanely awful with the anointment pool that currently exists. I’ve killed Traunt over a thousand times. I’m dreading doing more attempts today. I should just stop since my Zane is geared “well enough”, but I want to try out different things to see if they work. Ugh.

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I really do wish they give some sort of mechanism that I can ‘re-roll’ the anointment; like 1000 eridium per roll or sth like that to make currencies useful again.

And during the period now, I’m just wondering shall I keep farming before the patch… since many loots might be useless 1 week later…:frowning:

Ive made a post about a system like that


But some loots might be better. That is what I am hoping for. I have held on to or picked up several items which currently are not very good at all, partly due to the anointment and hoping the scaling fixes them.


Would still like a better Eridium dump than the proposed ones.
Maybe let us reroll a stat on our gear using it (think Diablo3’s Item Rerolls) with an increasing cost every time we reroll that stat. That game proved it doesn’t eliminate the need to farm a better version of said weapon. It doesn’t make them perfect drops guaranteed per-say. It just makes it so that if you get one that is perfect except for that one stat, that you won’t have to spend countless additional hours trying to farm one again.

Or bring back a version of the Grinder from TPS. Probably one of the few really good ideas to come from that game, it gave us something to do with our unwanted Legendaries other than selling them for useless cash (read below about cash).

Cause sitting on several thousand Eridium, and not much use for it is kinda…boring. Even the proposed Mission Weapon rewards dump doesn’t seem like it will be that good a dump. Sure it’ll be a nice QOL thing but not a good DUMP for the stuff.
Same with cash. Once you get all the SDU’s what’s the point? I already have more money than the game will display…When Aurelia laughs at me on new story playthroughs and calls me poor I laugh back…cause I could probably buy a planet or two at this point…

Phase 1 of the Fine-Tuning Mayhem 2.0 update is postponed since it was tied to the Takedown at the Guardian Breach release, which was postponed.

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That’s unfortunate, but I totally understand why they’re doing so. There are a lot more important things going on in the world right now other than video games.

That said, im bummed since I was looking forward to trying out some new builds this weekend. I wonder when it’s postponed to?


That’s very true. However, I had to make a lot of characters as storage due to I keep a lot of ‘promising’ gears, I hope they won’t be afterwards proved ‘pathetic’ :upside_down_face:

Some of the gears are simply there to occupy spaces because I don’t know if that’s the top tier criteria thanks to current ‘chaos’ mode. I’m looking forward to cleaning them up till the patch which says there would be some name tags :slight_smile:

Anyone else think they’re using what’s going on in the world as an excuse for the patch not being ready?


Given the recent quality of their releases, it isn’t ready and they should take more time.


No, but it would be justified if they have key team members sick with a virus, hell maybe even on a ventilator somewhere don’t you think.


It’s certainly possible but honestly I would rather them take take a little (key word) extra time and get it right. If they had done that back before launch a lot of the current problems never would have been an issue. That said, I am sad I won’t be able to try out some build ideas this weekend.

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apparently lol

So buffing 300+ weapons is more feasible than toning down the enemy health values and reducing the good guns by the same amount?

Because its not. And as long as they don’t nerf the preforming weapons more than the % they nerfed the health, they will stay at the same relitive power.

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If they straight up said “you know we don’t like where it’s at right now and need some more time” i’d be all for it.


Yep… So GB delayed the takedown a second time, haven’t finished the patch and then they are using solidarity as excuse, that nothing is done.

And we find the information on Twitter, not on the official GB thread.

I bet the 3. DLC will also not come up this month.


The way GB communicates sometimes is just transparently aggravating. Clearly they can’t fix this but using tragic world events as a smokescreen is just sickening. One has nothing to do with the other and muting the rest of the twitter thread is a damn good way of avoiding being called out for it I guess.

I think we all knew ‘fine-tuning’ was something of a monumental understatement.