Borderlands 3 devs please consider already some little things that ...makes life more awsome in bl3

Removing the limit of 99.999.999 $$ there are zero reasons to keep the limit or be there in the first place come on now.

Increase at least 6-8 times the GRENADE PROJECTILE SPEED FROM IRON BEARS grenade launcher the v35 stock launcher unmodded ( as in no skills affecting that anyway regarding projectile speed ), dont touch the damage or rate of fire just the projectiles speed currently its pathetic , a complete joke

the v35 is one of the most awsome weapons for iron bear but…currently its pathetic projectiles look and feel liek launching a ‘joke’ of a mini grenade…really lame , please take a look and boost the v-35’s grenade projectile speed already…

You have more money then it shows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or at least that is the case for me hahaha

Maxed out cash when playing the jackpot… And it never went under max since :joy:

And even when it does it takes a minute to fill it back up again haha cash is useless pretty quick

The limit seems to be

After that it rolls back to 0

Had it happen twice so far