Borderlands 3 dialogue is not just disappointing it actively annoys me

I recently thought of a comparison for the dialogue in BL3.

I remember years ago being coerced into watching Spongebob by my now wife. I thought it was pretty dumb, but I had to admit that there were some legitimately hilarious moments. Fast forward a few years and Spongebob has new writers, and the show is completely unwatchable. This is how I feel about BL3 dialogue.

Also, I wanted to share an article I came across from Vice that sums up my feelings pretty well, and shows that at least 2 other people feel the same way I do.


Scooter was quite funny… His replacement and the newest addition to the Siren line up are far too whiny for the game to remain enjoyable.

I want an audio option to reduce npc call outs by 50% at least… I’m glad they spent the time on it for those that needed it but the dialogue needs an off option for the rest of us - whether it’s just because we’ve matured past the poop jokes or whatever.

I literally went into sound options and turned dialogue to “0”. The writing just wasn’t up to par, not just with other video games, but the franchise.

The god-awful bosses and side character (Calypso Twins & Ava) really hurt the game. Can’t remember any time in my life where I actually turned dialogue off before.

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BL1 was the only one I could tolerate. I always ended up muting BL2 and TPS. Also, it just get old. BL3 is no exception.

what dialogue? “Fetch quest X”?

TK Baha and General Knox are to date still my favorite character dialogues… Although Zane is getting really close too as I hear some of his responses

the guy was spot on in the article. I said it before, the game is filled with fart jokes that just plain get old after a while. Poorly written and most likley written for 5th graders.

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