Borderlands 3 Difficulty Replay Ability

No idea where to put this but whatever.

SO in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel you can reset Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and start the storyline over again. Which is something you can’t do with Normal or True Vault Hunter Mode.

Now onto Borderlands 3. I would really love it if we can reset Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode over again just like you can with Ultimate Mode. So for example if complete the Story Mode on Normal, ending with your characther at like level 32. You have the ability to reset the play through on Normal again and continue progress on your characther who is at level 32. So when you hop into to your new reseted Normal Mode game the enemies would start off at level 32 and progress higher from there while still being on Normal mode.

I’m a casual player. Now I can play through True Vault Hunter Mode without much frustration and I enjoy it. But when I played Ultimate Vault Hunter for the first time my reaction was HOLY SOFTWARE ERRORS THIS IS #%^ING HARD! So I was dissapointed cause I couldn’t upgrade my character to be even better.

So if we were allowed to reset Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode it would really be a treat to those who can’t handle Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode like my self.

So listen up Gearbox Software, put this feature in Borderlands 3 and I’ll pre-order it. Please?

There was a similar thread recently , although this was for the current games I think.

This is what I REALLY want. Ultimate vault hunter mode sucks for me, so it would be cool if i could reset normal and True vault hunter mode. Let’s make this happen Gearbox.

OOPS… I was talking about Borderlands 3, posted in the wrong spot, but i always wanted this for Borderlands 2 as Well.