Borderlands 3 Digital Pre Order - Gamestop (I'm an xbox player)

Anyone that goes to gamestop how do digital pre order’s work there cause i want to pre order Borderlands 3 So is there any taxes involved in the purchase or is it actually 59.99 or 60 Can anybody answer my question cause i don’t wanna do a digital pre order and not have enough money to play the game in september . Edit1: Thanks Edit2: Thanks for one of the best birthdays ive ever had Thank you mods Thank you GBX and Thank you the wonderfull people in this community. I have $105.00 Now so i can pre-order even if there is a tax thank you guys if any members feel this is a useless thread then feel free to Archive it or split it. But thank you guys the fans of GBX and Borderlands are truly like non other in the gaming community . See you guys on youtube in september ill be getting hands on the game #SoHyped #Borderlands 3

It may depend on whether you’re talking a physical store or the web site. On the former, just look up the number of your local store and call them. For the latter, you could just order the item and proceed through the checkout process; your total including any taxes should be shown to you before you have to commit to payment, at which point you can always cancel the transaction.

At the Canadian equivalent, I can tell you that local and federal taxes would be applied to the purchase either way, so it would be more than that 59.99 (or whatever the CDN price is right now)

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You can always put down $10 as a hold for the game and then pay it off as you go or all at once upon release.

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I’m pretty sure you will be taxed based on your local/state sales tax rates. For digital purchases, I believe it looks at your billing address to calculate taxes. But since you’re going to a store to make the purchase, it should be taxed based on your local rates regardless.

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If you are looking to save money Epic is having a sale right now that gives $10 off any game listed at $14.99 or above. This includes pre-orders for games that haven’t been released yet:

(If you’ve already pre-ordered from the Epic store you’ll get the $10 refunded to your method of purchase.)

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I am not playing it on PC through I have an xbox Please note:
Edit: This is not to be taken in an offensive manner its just a statement i’d rather not hold grudges on GBX Forums

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