Borderlands 3 Discussion: Should the Game be a MMO like Destiny or The Division?

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Hey guys, I am a smaller YouTuber that enjoys making Borderlands videos. Most of the content on my channel is from The Pre-Sequel, but I have been playing the games since the release of Borderlands 2.

As you can probably tell, I don't come on here often but I thought today was as good as any to try to get myself more in touch with the community on here. I recently just started a new series where I talk about what I would like to see in the next Borderlands game, but I am also interested in knowing what the rest of the community would like to see too! If you guys could check out my video and leave me some of your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


This is forum that uses the written word for discussion. If you'd like to be part of that discussion, it would be best if you could write your thoughts down.


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I also believe that this part of the GBX forums is not really that much of a discussion corner. As most topic posters on the "Borderlands Fan Creations" are quite the whackjobs (@NOLAftw, @Sleepmaster, @Mr_GJ, etc.) :joy:

And pretty much the only people who visit their posts are only there to express their rage...

..on how they are unable to find custom made pearls. :joy: :joy:

JK! (plz take the above stated with a grain of salt, I dun wan 't git executed! Plz no!)

In all due seriousness I simply don't think this is the place for BL3 discussions, mayhap move this to the GBX News area? (Just a suggestion)

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if you would like to discuss this there are many on the forums who would love too. personally i would prefer that borderlands not be an MMO as they are hard to maintain and make clean and polished. i think they should stick to the same game design as the previous installments, not saying there isnt room for change but making it an MMO is too big of a jump for the franchise and it also subtracts from what makes borderlands what it is. plus MMO's die but Borderlands games are timeless

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also i have had my fair share of experience with MMO's ( 3000+ WoW hours ) and i feel like it wouldnt fit borderlands in a way that wouldnt make it too similar to the games you mentioned. Borderlands works without it mimicking another game


We're currently lacking a specific BL3 section. I'd also encourage the op to consider contributing to an existing thread about BL3.

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To quote King Gothalion: "Borderlands 3 shouldn't be like Destiny. It should be like Borderlands." No further words are needed.

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gotta love goth

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First, not to be nit-picky, but games like The Division, Destiny, and Warframe aren’t MMOs. Yes, there’s a metric-fuckload of people who play them, but the actual game format is either PvP in queue or open realm, or PvE Single/Squad co-op.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind having some form of Borderlands media with a squad based arcade feeling, ala Lost Planet 2 or Warframe, but I have to agree with the others in this form that Borderlands 3 should be a Borderlands game. Cost and (IMO, bad) gameplay aside, the MMO-scape is already saturated. I don’t think that “Borderlands the MMO” would unite BL and MMO fans as much as disinterest people who are fans of one or the other, and not both.