Borderlands 3 - DLC 1 - Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Official Reveal Trailer

Join Moxxi’s crew of ragtag “experts” on a heist for the biggest score of your loot-hunting career! Take on Hyperion security and crazed casino-goers in this new Borderlands 3 DLC, and claim The Handsome Jackpot’s vault of loot for yourself! Learn more:

The New DLC will be available December 19th!


When will the price be announced?

Will the game be in a better place performance and couch co-op wise before this drops? Any updates for split screen UI text?



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Can’t wait.


looks cool !

Oh wow : nice !

Was taken by surprise, I thought DLC1 was going to be the “Takedown at Maliwan’s”.
So wait what’s the “Takedown at Maliwan’s” supposed to be :thinking: ?

Free content, not paid dlc. It just contains the first raid boss of this installment.


Murder, gambling and loot.
Can’t wait to become a full blown degenerate.


I’m assuming the price will be 10 to 15 dollars like all other dlc of this caliber and size. Or you could just fork out 50 for the season pass.

Will the Maliwan Patch Notes be getting posted today or tomorrow?

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This looks fantastic. Can not f’n wait!

Most likely tomorrow, as always.

DLC looks very promising.

Can’t wait to beat it in M3 in Iron Bear!

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Looks like fun! I’m a sucker for casino themes.

Iron Bear plus Pet Fl4k FTW!

confusing. trying to figure out how dead jack stole the plans

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I would assume he did it prior to said death?

perhaps. then how did a dead jack build the casino?

Why not M4? :wink: