Borderlands 3 - DLC 1 - Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Official Reveal Trailer

They said on 11/20/19 Borderlands Show that along with Maliwan Takedown will be performance patch including split screen.

Don’t you mean M4?! Maliwan Takedown is adding M4!

Actually, I don’t think they ever specifically mentioned split screen?
Or if they did, I totally missed it

When talking about how they’ve improved ui performance they said all improvements apply to split screen.


They did specifically mention split screen performance in the cast

This is normally true! We’re waiting for final approval from all platform partners and will update when we know more. :slight_smile:


Ah yes noelle is here. Are you guys just running a little late with getting the patch notes out, because I have been compulsively checking the forums for the last hour now. I think there is something wrong with me.

Edit: Noelle is a beast and literally answered my question milliseconds before it was posted.


I know, I’ve seen a few people asking. We’ll post on Twitter/Facebook once the patch is live as well (so you could temporarily turn on notifications on Twitter so you’ll know as soon as they’re live).


The communication is much appreciated =) looking forward to the notes! Have a great morning in the mean time.


damn you sony! (jk i still luv u)


My PS4 is angry at me for neglecting GoW4 the last 2 months. It prob won’t even download the patch at a reasonable rate.


Thanks for the info :grinning:

Please for the love of God tell me you fixed Fl4k’s Gamma Burst bugs. I really don’t want to go through this raid with that awful bug in place.

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Cool, are they gonna do something about the “turning off console” issue ?

I have a question, will this patch fix the problem that when you are matchmaking, your console can turn off

I understand that there will be continuous upgrades with the Bank SDUs and was wondering if there will be upgrades available with the new DLC? (Also, would be great to get additional backpack SDUs.) 40 is super rough. Especially with the ever-growing loot pool.

Eegads! There was a swarm of Claptraps in that footage. That’s a terrifying prospect! :grimacing: :astonished: :scream:

New Class Mod Coming… For Moze…

Can’t wait to try this out on Moze in the new DLC. It better be good corrosive damage. Because at the moment Bloodletter: Desperate measures class mod is all I ever use.

Didn’t see anybody put these up, so I thought I would.

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Hey Noelle, I was wondering if you guys are working on the dedicated loot drop problem, or do you have other things that take priority. I completely understand if not, I would just like to know. Thanks!

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