Borderlands 3 DLC Expired

Hi guys, I have a problem with Super Deluxe Edition. Last Friday I tried to use the season pass voucher in psx store and it appeared that it was expired. This does not make sense because I bought the edition on the release date and I had it unopened because I had other games without completing, also in the box it does not indicate that it has any expiration date. For my part I have written to Sony support and they tell me that they can do nothing.

Does anyone know where I can report the incident?

Best regards,

I’m not sure if reporting it will help because sadly the season pass did expire 1 year after release, on the voucher there should be a small text indicating that it expired on 13.09.2020.


You could try pleading your case with whatever store you bought the SD edition from; I don’t think anyone else would be able to help, since only the store you purchased from has the transaction history for confirmation.

Thanks guys, I will report to 2k support and i hope they solve it.