Borderlands 3 DLC Extravaganza

Okay so, here’s a dumb/fun idea I had: have you noticed how Borderlands DLCs usually have pretty formulaic names (either “Name’s Something of Something” or “Name and the Something Something”)?

Well, why not exploit that and make a Borderlands 3 DLC name generator?

Keep in mind though: you can’t simply put a+b+c and get the name, you might need to add some prepositions and such (“on/'s/against/of” etc.) or shuffle the words around a bit.

First, the main character of the DLC, dictated by your birthday.
  1. Ava
  2. Fiona and Sasha
  3. Brad Flexington
  4. Loader bot and Gortys
  5. Blake
  6. Chadd
  7. The Watcher
  8. Scooper
  9. Zombie Roland
  10. Mal
  11. Dukino
  12. Dr. Zed
  13. Salvador
  14. Mr. Chew
  15. Dr. Ted
  16. Krieg
  17. Digby Vermouth
  18. Karima
  19. Athena and Springs
  20. Voraciduous jr.
  21. Singing Psycho
  22. Dumpy
  23. Nurse Nina
  24. Admiral Mikey
  25. Traunt family
  26. Gaige and Axton
  27. 5H4D0W-TP
  28. Jimbo Hodunk
  29. Captain Scarlett
  30. Sterwin
  31. Pickle
The second word (probably either an action or an event) is determined by your first initial.

A. Crusade
B. Conspiracy
C. Coup
D. Show
E. Scandal
F. Revenge
G. Record
H. Peace treaty
I. Annihilation
J. Redemption
K. Revolt
L. Search
M. Return
N. Quest
O. Enigma
P. Smuggling operation
Q. Strike
R. Sabotage
S. Championship
T. Affair
U. Empire
V. Discovery
W. Betrayal
X. Origin
Y. Catastrophe
Z. Explosion

Finally, the last word (either a setting, an entity, an antagonist or such a thing) depends on your second/last initial.

A. Corrosion memes
B. Junpai-7
C. Helios II
D. Maliwan charge time
E. S&S Munitions
F. OP levels
G. The Greater Vault
H. The Creator
I. Korillax beach party
J. The siren afterlife
K. The Seraphs
L. Turd farmers
M. Guns with legs
N. Eroticon-6
O. The fourth wall
P. Arcturian superblack
Q. Engorge®
R. New Corporate War
S. Elpis
T. The seventh siren
U. The Eridian Kaleidoscope
V. The Ascension Bluff door
W. The Grand Archivist
X. The Vault chest (from the ending of TFTB)
Y. Butt Stallion cult
Z. Sanctuary II

Mine, for example, would be “Axton and Gaige’s Return to Engorge®”.

You could also elaborate on what you would expect to find/picture in your DLC!

Also, if for some reason you don’t have all initials or your alphabet is different, just assume you got “The Fall of New Haven”.


Helios II: Blake’s Redemption

With the fiasco between Handsome Jack and Pandora over, the entire CL4PTP line scrapped, and the abandonment of mining operations on Pandora, Hyperion otherwise resumed its former role in the corporate wars, profiting immensely from weapon sales. However, Jeffrey Damian Blake (trying to capitalize on the devastation left in the wake of the the Calypso Twins) has other plans. This summer, Blake brings Hyperion back to Pandora on a different tack. Starring Adam Sandler, Maya Ruldolph, Danny McBride, and Melissa McCarthy, join Mr. Blake as he tries to sell Hyperion as “the nice guys” to the suspicious and sometimes crazy people of Pandora.


Oh gosh, this is pure gold, I love it :laughing:

I wonder what Rhys did with ENGORGE product line… Maybe this type of joke wouldn’t work today.

My guess would be that, Torgue probably bought it. Remember, there can’t be EXPLOSION without ENGORGE!


Mmhh, I hadn’t thought about the fact that it was an Atlas product, I got so used to link it to Mr. Shank that i forgot…

But it seems to still still on the market in Tales from the Borderlands, judging by the “Buy more Engorge!” post-its on Helios: perhaps that’s the only Atlas product line that Jack decided to keep intact after buying the company…

The fact that Gearbox is expanding on Siren and Eridian lore leaving Engorge® behind clearly shows that they don’t know why people like these games.


Ahhhhh mine is LOL

Redemption: Traunt Family vs The Creator
(lots of screaming in this DLC)


I got “Dumpy’s Search for the Arcturian Superblack”.

After surviving the crash of Helios, Dumpy saved itself from the attack of Hector and the New Pandora Army by hiding inside the space station debris and temporarily shutting off. Now, six years later, Vaughn receives a distress call from the impact area and asks our Vault Hunters to investigate. They’ll help the little Lance probe reunite with Rhys, and then they’ll face many obstacles to try and free it from its despised robotic cage, so that it may taste the much famed Arcturian superblack and diligently serve Atlas once again.



Screamy Bois obviously for their redemption! :scream:

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Captain Scarlett and the Coup of the Seraphs.

She’s baaack.


Well, Seraph crystals did first appear in her DLC, you know…perhaps she could interrogate that Earl-wannabe Seraph vendor and pursuit an even greater booty this time… :thinking:


Krieg and the Championship of Eroticon-6.
Krieg, hearing the news of a major character’s death, goes on a rampage and becomes the leading champion of the arena fights on Eroticon-6. Using “sexy” weaponry to annihilate his opponents, it becomes clear that he won’t be beaten any time soon. You are sent to infiltrate the arena fights and defeat him, so that he can be talked down and find some peace between his two personalities. =]

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I do hope Krieg gets a happy ending of sorts in future DLC…I just have no clue how they might resolve his mental situation and the “pretty lady” issue in a satisfying way…I don’t envy the writers’ job right now!

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