Borderlands 3 dmg bug

Hi plz see attached pic every time I log in my dmg has been reduced by half and it happens all the time I have to log in and out the game in hopes it will correct it self

Are you waiting for the hotfix to load? Just wait for a couple of seconds in main menu when you launch the game for the first time.

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Ok will do that and see what happens

There’s a little sign that pops up to let you know when hotfixes are applied.

This happened to me with the Faisor. Hotfix sign was up and other hotfix changes seems to work, but 90% of the time the damage buff wasn’t applied or at least shown on the weapon card.

It’s been noted elsewhere that the Faisor and one or two others have something weird going on, which is being looked in to. Also, there is some chance this may be a platform-specific issue - are you on PS4 by any chance?

Ok seems to work that for that I was pretty much just going in not looking to see if the hot fix was applied. Where would I find out if the dlc 2 is purchasable with our season pass

If you have the season pass, you will be able to download DLC2*. Timing may be variable between platforms and regions, but the update that enables the DLC from the main game is still rolling out; check your platform store once you have the update and hotfix installed.

*Except in Saudi Arabia, who have apparently vetoed the DLC. Gee, I can’t think why /sarcasm