Borderlands 3 does not update in Epic GameLauncher


In my Epic G launcher it still says 1.01 version. It suppose to be 1.02 right?
Once in a game, it asked me if i want to get to main menu to update the game, i refuse it because i wanted to finish the mission. Now i cannot find out how to update game to latest patch. In Epic G launcher Borderlands 3 is set to auto update , but noting is updating and my game is still version 1.01.

How can i manually update it?

I have exactly the same problem. I hope we get an answer soon.

I have the same issue. Tried reinstalling both the launcher and the game but can’t get it to work.

1.01 is my version and i got the patch. Was about 350mb

IIRC, the 2nd update was a hotfix. So you don’t need to update for client.
Stay online, wait for a couple seconds in the main menu.

Same problem here… Version 1.01 auto update on, no notifications in the main Menu…

Same here, got the patch. But still 1.01 and no real improvement in performance.
Some times it feels like its even worse!