Borderlands 3 E-Mail code

I got a Borderlands 3 E-Mail code for early adopters pack.
It’s a word with 7 letters.

The problem is that there is nowhere to redeem it, as SHIFT Redeem only accept full strings with around 20 letters.
Anyone knows how to redeem this?

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Go here and get logged in:

One of the ‘activities’ if you scroll down is, “Redeem a Code”, which brings up a window like this:

That should be what you’re after.


If the code is JOYPUKE, it’s for 250 VIP points.


Thank you. I forgot that there were a second place to redeem code, but it worked fine. :slight_smile:

It gave 250 points as GrzesPL says. The other things is probably auto redeemed to Borderlands account.


I didn’t have that one…thanks.

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Here is another code for 250 points.


That one I received a few hours ago, but thanks anyway and you beat me to posting it.

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I didn’t receive any of those codes :confused:

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The second mail arrived today, but I still haven’t seen the first one or even know when it was sent out in general. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

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I got both BL3WELCOME and JOYPUKE sent to me via email.I went to VIP Activities and scrolled down till I saw a yellowish item that said Redeem Code Here.Entered one at a time and got 250 points per!

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I receive an email not long ago with yet another code, LOOTLOOTLOOT

Enjoy all


I didn’t get any of those, so thanks to you guys/gals for posting them.

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Thank you. I didn’t get the 3rd mail…yet atleast.

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Creator Codes, each 200 points, limit 4 per user per show.


@VaultHunter101 can you create seperate topic when we can post all new codes for VIP points?


I dont find the Code Redemtion Button on the site you linked us. Help

(I just pre ordered the Super Deluxe Edition yesterday. I dont have any code yet.)

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There is a new section for that. Ckick on the INSIDER->REDEEM CODE, here is direct link

I can only Redeem Shift Codes

Make sure all the ad-blocks are off. You can also check on different web browser. Do you have all the activities available or blocked too?
Edit: Based on your previous screen you have some ad-block on, cause your activities are blocked too.

The problem was that i was using Chrome. It works on Microsoft Edge.

So i think chrome blocks some of their code on the website. Now i can see my points and can redeem all codes.

Thx for the good and fast help. Love you <3

I were about to post same as GrzesPL did, but looks like som didn’t read that post.

Top menu:
Select “Insider”
Select “Redeem code”

A page with 5 ways to redeem codes shows up.