Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs hidden within Borderlands 2?!

Myself and a friend have been played through Borderlands 2 many times (like most of you, I assume), and have consequently become extremely familiar with the story. On our most recent playthrough, we noticed two things which we are CONVINCED have some sort of relation to the speculation surrounding Borderlands 3. We noticed these things last week (March 2017), following the reveal of the Unreal engine and the emergence of the Borderlands 3 hidden message within Battleborn.

Item 1- Gaige knows of Promethea
This may be something which is already known, and I apologise if that is so. Promethea is a planet in the Borderlands universe and is included within the Battleborn Easter egg, hinting to us that this will subsequently be at least one of the locations in Borderlands 3. I was playing as Zer0, and my friend was playing as Gaige. My friend went to go and eat something whilst I remained idol next to his character and played on a mobile game. Several minutes later, Gaige said something on the lines of ‘Pandora sucks, but it’s heaps better than Promethea!’. I am aware that Gaige is from Eden-5, however I have never heard her say this line before, and I cannot find mention of it on the internet. The next item is much more peculiar.

Item 2- "Roland is doing a bang-up job of charging the Vault key"
I must re-iterate that I have played the story many many times, and I know most of the story dialogue to the letter. Myself and my friend were in the Arid Nexus travelling from the first pump station to the second pump station. Jack pipes in and imitates Roland, as usual, but instead of saying ‘Lilith is doing a bang up job of charging the vault key’, he said Roland. My friend and I both heard it, and we’re immediately confused. Why did Jack say Roland was charging the vault key? What the heck does that mean? We’re playing through on UVHM now and when we reach the same point I will listen out for it again. I have absolutely no idea what this means, but it’s certainly new to me.

I hope that Gearbox has snuck other BL3 easter eggs into Borderlands 2, as that is such a great way to get people playing it again and building the hype. I’ll certainly be listening closely and exploring a little more to see if there’s anything else to find.


I want to get on the game and hear this for myself. Can you find a video of the same thing happening?

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We are playing through on UVHM now. I’ll have the camera ready when we get to the same point. If the normal dialogue plays, we will reset missions but TVHM and see if it happens again