Borderlands 3 easter eggs in Battleborn DLC

yes, it’s a real thing. im jizzing my pants like an excited puppy.

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i mean. not literally literally. but im damn happy.



Wooo Hoo! Now I’m even happier I pre-ordered.

Gearbox, I expect you to pour all of profits from Battleborn straithgt into Borderlands 3!

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Yeaaa i would rather they invest BB money…back in BB. I think unless there is some real improvement BL just needs to die. BL2 and BLTS are just more of the same. After BL (which i think was good) i didn’t find any reason to play any of them. If Gearbox take effort, and resoures to make yet another BL game im gonna be pissed.

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I wouldn’t. BL 2 is their best selling game so far, so why wouldn’t they want to expand on it? I will agree that TPS was a bit of a let-down, but I much prefer BL 2 to 1.


funny thing, last month tons of people (and by tons i mean thousands) wanted battleborn to die in favor of borderlands 3, and now borderlands needs to die n favor of battleborn? ill never understand the world.


Well Borderlands 3 is inevitable so…

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this thread went from zero to toxic real fast


I mean 1 2 handsome back prequel tell tale series. And it’s all the same gameplay. At this point I think COD and halo news to branch into new up.

True I don’t\hope Bb has to suffer for it.

If you’re playing FPS games and looking for innovation in their mechanics, you’re playing them for the wrong reasons.

All FPS games are fundamentally the same, what separates them is the world they inhabit.

Most of us here like Borderlands for the story, characters, or the bat-sh*t crazy humour, not the FPS aspect. So don’t expect many people to agree with you when you say they’re all the same, because they really aren’t.


True I think one of the only original things bb has in the kill taunts. Its like the new teabagging but sooooo much more satisfying. I want that halo replay to go with it, I might use xbox upload editor for the first time.

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Bl2 is very different to bl1 health damage was done different skilltrees gun manfactors(not the best change in my opinion) the story was alot better refarmable bosses much improvement. Blps is the same as the Bl2 some minor changes nothing much though feel sorry for the pre sequel could of been a great game if they delayed it a few months added more new weapons not reskins changed slighty, made the bosses respawn Then made 4 not 1 story dlc.


Why can’t we just enjoy both franchises!!! They are fantastic in their own unique way

If you could check the dates of previous posts before replying to an old thread, that’d be peachy.