Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs in Battleborn have been decoded!

So I’m not sure how many of you have been keeping track of the 700+ thread about the hunt for the elusive easter eggs in the Battleborn Operations, but we’ve been getting really close and finally today an awesome user by the name of @whatsmynameagain figured out the final key we were missing and decoded all of the messages hidden inside the DLC Operation side objectives where a portal spawns for a few seconds emitting a looping signal and then disappears.

Here’s what each of the signals sounded like. The hints we were given after the last DLC dropped was that it was morse code and that it was reversed however it turned out that only the first 2 Operations were actually reversed.

Here is what each signal translates to:

@whatsmynameagain also created a neat infographic showing how he was able to find the hidden morse code amongst the static by analysing the spectrogram.

If you would like to read up on the egg hunt which had been ongoing for months you can read the original thread here.

Note I bookmarked it at the point where the discovery was made, but there was actually quite a bit more that happened before it and I highly recommend giving it a read and checking out the DLC Operations yourself as they have some pretty great writing on them (especially the last one).

It’s pretty cool how the timing ended up coinciding with them showcasing the new tech at GDC which they will most likely use for Borderlands 3! Not only do we now have a glimpse at what it could look like, but we now also have 5 somewhat cryptic messages relating to the plot that is going to take place in the next game!


“Tannis is not what she seems” < Tannis is an extroverted party animal?! :open_mouth:
Nah jokes, but really this intrigues me, like a LOT.

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By “Prometea” do you mean “Promethea”?

Thats really exciting. Sounds like we will be leaving Pandora.


If we do, Brick and Mordy better come along for the ride.


Well, you have seen her riding a fish, right?

Back to Promothea: in the BL3/UE4 tech demo, Randy casually mentions that the tech is designed to easily work on Pandora or places with different physics such as other worlds.

Also, the single word “Promethea” (with a vault symbol in it) was the first Easter egg found in Attikus Story Op.

I am now officially excited!


Hearing about this excited me more than the tech demo shown, tbh.
Now hope that 2K wont screw over the development of the game.


I believe it was a decoding error. The audio clips had a lot of extra noise that made it challenging to decode. It is definitely meant to be Promethea!

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@MentalMars has made an awesome video anaylsis of the whole thing!!


And Zer0, Lillith, and don’t even forget about Krieg and the others