Borderlands 3, eBay, and IP

I was looking for places to purchase Borderlands 3 and a couple of listings popped up for in-game weapons on eBay. Considering weapons are part of the game’s code, and the game itself is protected by Copyright, wouldn’t these sellers be violating the law and there be a case for suing these people (or at least hitting them with a Cease and Desist)? Thanks for reading. If so, I’ll be reporting a few listings.

Does gbx even care about this stuff?

they are probably just going to send it to your in-game mailbox after receiving the payment.

This topic has come up before.

I can tell you that GBX is aware this has been happening. They’re not announcing publicly what they are doing about it (probably a good move).

I’m not familiar enough with the legal aspects but at best it’s a grey area, and I would think it very much veers towards copyright infringement. The problem is obviously that taking down eBay resellers of anything is like dealing with spam - no matter how many sources you nuke, there will always be more.

I’ll ask if there’s anything specific folks should do (other than simply not paying money for in-game items); meanwhile if anyone is concerned they can always try reporting the seller to eBay.

Closing this thread since there’s not actually much point in discussing this topic further, and it only draws attention to something that shouldn’t be happening.