Borderlands 3 endgame and Pearls

The first borderlands game didn’t have much endgame content but to this day i still return to play it for one reason. Pearlescent weapons. General Knoxx’s armoury could be farmed as many times as you wanted, granted the journey was long but the incentive that drove me to get there was a chance to obtain the most overpowered gear in the game. I knew the odds of obtaining that gear was slim but every lance chest you opened could be the one that had a pearl. It’s so addictive. I even knew there was nothing to do with the gear after i had obtained it but i still to this day have this incentive to farm pearls.

Crawmerax was faster to get to, dropped pearls, but was tricky. Why farm Craw when you could go to the armoury? You could kill craw, leave the area and come back and try again and again, but also Craw could drop unique class mods that only Craw could drop. That’s an incentive to farm Craw just in itself. I still haven’t got all those class mods!!!

Borderlands 3 has what Borderlands 1 has but without the Knoxx DLC. Legendaries are easy to get (Except the one’s at the end of guardian takedown, I played that once and never played it again and never will) just like borderlands 1 but there are no Pearls. No super rare mega weapons and class mods that are hard to get. No incentivising farm!
Imagine how connected a community of looters could become when you introduce a new boss (not stuck behind a raid) that had a slim chance of dropping mega rare pearls and maybe a new tear of class mod rarity. I could imagine the different borderlands clubs on xbox (and the PC and PS4 equivalents) would become so lively with people trying to obtain this gear, like the golden tickets in Charlie in the chocolate factory (bit of a cringe reference but you get it…)
Imagine an armoury that you could run with your friends that dropped, not only the best legendary gear but also pearls. You could even try to get better versions of the legendaries that you have.

It would be Hype!!!

I’m a super deluxe owner of the game and the stories Gearbox has released for the DLCs are great, but i’ve played through them once, and that’s enough.

To make this game survive as long as Borderlands 1 has; add pearlescents.
Gearbox, you’ve done it before just do it again.

IF Gearbox should add pearls, give each weapon and shield etc… a unique anointment or the ability to use eridium and money apply or change the anoint on the gear to whatever the player wants.

IF you don’t add any of this to your game… “GAME OVER MAN, WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW MAN?”



Pearls are just legendaries with the “right” annointment/parts. Adding a new tier of drops would just make RNG bloat worse.


With current difficulty scaling… This would hurt the game even more :sweat_smile:

Legendaries are allready overtuned making M10 easy… (hell, I think I would probably be able to farm M10 with purple gear at this point)

So you don’t want pearls…? What lol

Do I want something with a shiny new color nameplate and even worse RNG? No, I really ****ing don’t.


Guess you didn’t play BL1… Borderlands 3 has terrible RNG, yes but with a system where you can reroll a pearl’s or legendary’s anoint to whatever you wanted would be fine, because the anointments are the grindy part. As it stands there’s nothing to do in the game, i haven’t played it in months. Pearls are the only thing that would make me return, and I wouldn’t mind farming for gear that was op and fun, that had cool mechanics to them, even if it was hard to get.
What would you do? What would you want for the Borderlands endgame?

but we already have pearls your hellwalkers your monarchs your backburners your lightshows are pearls they are just colored orange it is not possible to release much more powerful gear (cough plasma coil) it is just laughably inapropriate also 9/10 pears in bl2 were trash or needed one correct mag part to work lmao this game needs no pearls this game needs balance


I’ve played every Borderlands, but that’s beside the point. Why do pearlescent drops matter to you other than the psychological reward of being more rare/shiny? Really, why? So you can start complaining about how X pearl isn’t as good as Y pearl? It’s all the same, and you can’t make pearls “better” than legendaries in BL3 without pissing off a lot of people.

The only thing I really want is the ability to reroll annointment, and maybe 1-2 gun/shield parts or stat rolls.

I want raid bosses!!! In fact my biggest disappointment with the BL3 DLCs is the lack of any. Yes maybe it’s tough to design, but wayyyy easier than a takedown.
Speaking of takedowns, why does the easier one have far more usable legendaries than the hard one? Far more legendaries in general. WTH???


The problem isn’t the pearls :joy:

It’s the current state of the game :wink:

I never had good luck in looters RPG’s… I remember playing D2 for years before I found my first set haha (back then i didn’t use Google or stuff and so didn’t really know any of the items)

BL2 it took me quite a while to find legendary guns.

BL3… The first time I died was in M4 with pretty crappy gear against an immunity stage boss (can’t remember which one but i still hate the ones that have it)

And I was using OP guns pretty fast because 80% of the drops where OP…

The difficulty, balance and scaling in this game is beyond atrocious.

Adding pearls at this stage will make the game even easier (with low effort you can farm M10 with ease)

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Yes BL2 pearls are trash. I’m talking about BL1 in my post. The BL1 pearls were way more exciting than any other legendary in that game IMO.
Take the Monarch as one of your examples… it’s just a machine gun. The hellwalker is cool because of the reference and the sound it makes when reloading and picking it up… yeah… but it’s just a double barrel shotgun at the end of the day. I’m asking for pearls that are not only op but have really cool mechanics too.
I know what you’re saying too the legendaries are crazy good so implementing even more powerful weapons would break the game even further… and most of the legendaries need to be buffed to work with the other buffed guns… Damn… it’s in a weird state, but still i’m not playing until there is an incentive to play…
Would it really deter you to stop playing if there was a pearl farm?


It is about rarity and with the mechanics of some of the guns that exist, like the backburner that’s a vortex rocket launcher, surely they can create some really crazy weapons with more crazy mechanics than that…
Just for some context I am a completionist and i feel like i’ve “completed” the game. That’s why i mentioned that i still return to BL1. If i was to obtain all of the pearls and the unique class mods in BL1 then I think I wouldn’t want to play it again because I would feel as though i completed it.

The pearls were more than just a different color in BL1 they were better than the legendaries. I know that the legendaries in BL3 are stupid OP so implementing pearls that are better would be dumb, i understand… but still like i said i would love some new exciting guns. The game is very boring right now. I didn’t even buy the new season pass it looked like a cash grab (another topic i’m sure)

I think people want raids for the endgame but I personally want pearls. Each to their own

If adding pearls made the general RNG worse–and it’s GBX, you know it would–then yeah, I’d be against it. That’s really all it comes down to; if they tried to implement it, I know they’d manage to do it without addressing any of the red flags, and what they add probably won’t be worth it.

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Yes. there would be huge problems on release you’re right. The pearls would be s*** or the mechanics wouldn’t work. I just made this post because i’m very sad that i’ve paid £100 on the game and it’s not amounted to much in the long run…

For me, say there were pearls in the game, they were marginally better than the legendaries or were at the same strength as the best legendaries and had really cool effects, they had the same drop rates as BL1 and you could reroll anoints on the gear, I’d be pretty satisfied.

I agree, that’s what made BL2 so fun after the stories were all complete. i was so surprised that they didn’t put any invincibles in any of BL3’s DLCs (Eista doesn’t count).
I love the maliwan takedown legendaries. Not even used the guardian takedown legendaries at all lol. They look pretty meh.

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If they add another tier of loot with a worse drop % than dedicated drops and keep the anointment system as it is I’m gonna pretend it doesn’t exist :sweat_smile:
Same thing if they introduce raid bosses a la BL2. Who wants another Voracious? Definitely not me.

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Okay, sure you disagree. but what should they release?

I do understand this - I did not see a single pearl in BL1, and finding one sure would feel exciting.

I guess we could all agree that legendaries in BL3 are not particularly rare - if you want to scratch your collecting itch, try finding all triple-line purple grenades and shields. These ARE rare (and more or less impossible to farm). :wink:


There is nothing in BL3 right now worth doing. Would love to see true raid bosses that require a team to take out.


They should release different content for different tastes, with the same final rewards.
I’d like to see few new takedowns(line the Maliwan one, not like the guardian one :angry:), few more slaughter arenas, few more trials.
Each should have a different theme and good challenge and completing them should reward 2 to 3 new gear pieces only obtainable in this new content, but the loot pool should be shared, so the players can clear whatever content they want.
Emphasis on 100% drop rate on completion and runs not longer that 10/ 15 minutes.

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