Borderlands 3 engine?

You think they might reuse battleborn engine?

BL2, TPS and BB all use Unreal Engine 3. I’m hoping that we’ll see BL3 based on UE4.


That’s my hope as well.


Agreed, UE4 would be nice.

That said, there will still be a LOT of work to do behind the scenes. It’s not like carrying-over your documents from Office 2011 to 365. Even in successive iterations of the same version of a game engine, there is a LOT that changes, and every little bit of the game’s content that relies on anything that has changed, often must also change with it.

Luckily, it seems that (unlike a certain other game engine that begins with ‘Cry’ and ends with ‘Engine’) Unreal is pretty well documented.

TL;DR- It’s a natural choice, but it’s still going to be tough to carry over content (NPC models & textures, for instance) to an updated engine. TOTES worth it tho.

Hopefully they can revise or update there engine for the new game. That would be my wish.

GBX uses Unreal Engine 3 for their games. UE 4 has been out for a bit, but so far GBX has stuck with UE 3 - probably to avoid potential conversion issues as mentioned above by @TheRAbbi. That said, the UE 4 environment would almost certainly come with a lot of conversion/import tools. Anyone had real-world experience with this stuff?


A new engine would be good tho. UE 4 has been out for quite sometime so an upgrade of some kind, if the UE 3 or something new would be good to do on there part if possible.