Borderlands 3 erdium farming takes to long

With advent of the reroll stations eridium is now more important then ever. The problems is the crystals and bosses don’t drop enough eridium meaning it takes hours to get a decent amount of eridium. What worse is the reroll station is incredibly random, it like 1 and over 50 chance to get the weapon anointment you want.

I really think they should either increase the amount of eridium or cheapen the reroll.
The game just not fun anymore now that I have to do all this farming.


While I agree, I think the best solution for now is the Ruiner. The Ruiner drops a ton of eridium.

I’m sure I’m well over spending 10 - 15k in eridium and have only ever rolled urad once!! It might work better if you just want to get rid of a useless anointment. But if you’re looking for a specific one, it’s not much fun. This late in the game, I doubt if they will be changing anything. Hope they day, but…

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Moxsy has a new eridium farming video with some tips for getting more. (switch to a Stone artifact before smashing is one).

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The idea of the reroll is to give you a chance at a better anointment. It’s not meant to put 1000s of Eridium into it to get the absolute perfect anointment. If you do that, it’s your own choice.

The amount of eridium that drops in game is fine.


Yes (Moxsy): chaos 1 for speed up the farm, go to Shaft, kill final boss (Titan) and pick up the drop=500 eridium BUT leave some mobs; suicide and repeat last round for 7000-9000 eridium / hour :wink:


If you want to avoid having to constantly save quit, I would recommend running through cartels. You can get 600 eridium if you sweep the entire level, break every dust pile, and kill everyone. This can exceed 1,000 if the main enemies are the Purpltrator gang. Make sure to shoot their backpacks for bonus eridium.

Yes, it’s not the fastest, but it’s a lot more fun than killing the Ruiner over and over. Plus you might get an OPQ or other awesome Cartel gear along the way. Happy hunting!


This… People asked for it to roll new anointments on rare weapons and good rolls with a wrong anointment…

Most of the time it’s faster to just farm the item…

But this was to be expected…

If you don’t like the grind, looters are probably not the game for you…


I would recommend running through cartels. You can get 600 eridium if you sweep the entire level, break every dust pile, and kill everyone.

that what Ive been doing and Ive gotten bored of constantly doing this and nothing else

(switch to a Stone artifact before smashing is one).

done this too and it still feels very long with little reward

Yes (Moxsy): chaos 1 for speed up the farm, go to Shaft, kill final boss (Titan) and pick up the drop=500 eridium BUT leave some mobs; suicide and repeat last round for 7000-9000 eridium / hour :wink:
seen this one too but never tried because I thought it seemed chessy. But now think I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for all the replies, I still really like this game I’m just frustrated with the rng is all.

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If you don’t like the grind, looters are probably not the game for you…

eh well at least not the end game stuff. Borderlands games still have plenty else to offer.

But I admit you two have a point.

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You also have a point :wink:

Those who have a bad time with anoinment reroll should try Diablo 3 endgame :joy:

BL3 is super easy compared

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I set aside “anointment re-roll time” that is separate from actual playing. I’ll usually be watching something on my laptop or phone while I save-scum with a USB backup. Only takes about 3-4 minutes to get from the console dashboard to Sanctuary. I was able to get 5-10 pieces of gear re-rolled as desired withing the length of an average movie (about 1:45).

Last time I got ASS on a Stop-Gap, Frozen Heart, Re-Volter, Recharge Berner, Super Soldier, and Stinger.

laughs maniacally in 94,768 eridium

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The problem is that the implementation of the reroll machine is the laziest I’ve seen.
Even Warframe, a game that literally lives on grind and layered RNG, has a much more sophisticated reroll system as well as several sanity checks in place.

GBX couldn’t even flag out anoints for other characters than the current one or prevent the seed from rolling the same anoint 4 times out of 10?
Of course they could, and I’d be very surprised if it took more than an afternoon’s work to do so.

While I’ve been pleasantly surprised enough at the recent changes to anoints to actually return to the game for a while, the reroll machine’s tacit admission that the gear loop was broken by the added RNG layer of anoints is yet another half measure when a full one was both needed and easy.

(Partly related: the trick of killing Titan doesn’t require suiciding [better to save that for the lousy Cartel drops] - just opening your map and fast-travelling to the arena entrance once he’s dead will reset the wave. )


Try finding a godroll item you want in Diablo 3 :wink:

THAT’S a nightmare :sweat_smile: then do it for every slot and then every character :rofl:

Lvl72 Godrolls in this game took me a few days…

In D3, i’m still looking for a piece of equipment for my demon hunter… Haven’t even started gearing the other chars.

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600 i must be doing something right when i go through the cartels i am getting 1,060 even without those backpack guys the main problem is getting on action skill start on shields i have spent over 15k on my stinger and still have not got it on there yet but rerolled my revolters a few times and got them all with it just terrible rng i guess 100 eredium sounds like the sweet spot for me for rerolling because its still rng based so say i have 1,000 eredium thats almost 100% chance of getting a good reroll if it cost only 100 eredium to reroll.

So I tried farming titan on mayham 1. Sooo much faster I now recommend everyone do this for end game gear. Only problem is losing money from the new you station so you half to sell some of the gear that drops.

Before the re-roll station I had little use for eridium. To my mind the re-roll station makes collecting the stuff worthwhile now. I don’t farm for it but by just playing normally, with cartels enabled, busting piles when I see them and getting drops from badasses I have more than enough to re-roll.

Sure, and when people gripe about tedious grind in Warframe or D3 there’s always someone ready to mention this or that Korean MMO where you have to grind 2 years before you’re even allowed to equip a weapon - one of the reasons South Korean players outsourced the grind to Chinese low-wage workers for years :roll_eyes:

Point being, a looter-shooter is expected to have a decent amount of grind but when comparisons frequently veer into Diablo or plain MMO territory, it means the balance is badly off.
(Dunno what Diablo counts as? - I’ve never played it.)

Since anoints were very likely never meant to be as important as they are - and only became thus due to a long string of disastrous decisions from a small part of the team - trying to adjust the gear loop in a Borderlands game for MMO-esque mechanics was probably never something anyone envisioned. Yet here we are.

Either they can do the sensible thing and relegate anoints to the minor role they should have had and rebalance the entirety of the endgame (as likely as a cold day in Hell) or they can at least implement some more solid and varied gear acquisition mechanics for the mess we’re left with.


my option was
loot enemies drop 300-500 eridium making the valuable
bosses drop between 200-500 easy to raidboss / immunity phase bosses
eridium piles drop 3 times what they usually do

rerolls go down to 100 eridium
raidboss costs 150 ( add more fking raidbosses…)
and all other things that cost eridium get also halved in cost

it simply is just to expensive to do anything, and the HARD eridium grind is dumb
ppl cant tell me this is borderlands

cuz the same ppl say you grind for weapons in bl games
not fking currency


Anointments were always meant to be rare. It’s just that the playerbase didn’t realize this until it was too late. That’s why people complained about legendaries dropping too frequently.

I agree, it was a terrible decision to include them. They could’ve been better implemented (by attaching them to trinkets, for example).

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