Borderlands 3 erdium farming takes to long

Seraph crystals and tokens were still farmed in bl2… atleast I did

I like the trinket idea, making them similar to transferable mods could have been a way to go.

Not sure I understand what you mean about rarity though.
Soon after release we had the godawful Halloween event that went on forever; those of us who didn’t simply stop playing till the ugly green smears across out screens went away finished the event with more anointed gear than they actually had room for at the time, causing them to scramble to make mules.
This was also when parts of the community warned GBX about making anoints too powerful, the irony of which has worn thin over time.

Given that GBX themselves (foolishly, foolishly) used anoints as a foundation for endgame scaling, I don’t get what you mean by players not realizing that they were supposed to be rare? - nor how that was erroneous given that they became indispensable?

Don’t mean to cast doubt, I’m just curious what I’m missing.

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I should’ve clarified.

“Usable” anointments were meant to be rare. Out of all of the anointments in the game, only a handful of them don’t suck. That reality has improved a bit, sure, but increasing damage has always been the goal for endgame. So any anointment not doing that without disturbing the gameplay loop is subpar. For instance, ase or ass anointments are ideal because we use our action skills anyway.

Before the game released, they said that legendaries were going to drop more frequently (I guess people complained about the lack of drops on bl2). Also, that anointments were supposed to increase the replayability. Meaning, they literally added a bunch of useless anointments to dilute the pool.

Now we have legendaries that don’t feel legendary unless they have the right orange text. It wasn’t a good decision imo.


Gotcha, thanks.

the difference is
you get to choose a finished weapon from it

CHOOSE not random stuff that costs you 10x the time, thats a massiv difference
its not like you go spend 800 eridium and get to choose the annointment from a list, which would effectively be the same thing then

Doing the cartel run got me to have 20k+ eridium. But i don’t have much to spend it on atm. It was just piling up fast