Borderlands 3: Eridian doors with red gem, on Pandora, Ascension Bluff

Just curious. Has anyone found a way to open the Eridian door in Ascension Bluff, on Pandora? The door with the red gem in the middle of it?

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There currently isn’t a way to open it. It’s clearly been set aside for the forthcoming Raid Boss, whenever that happens.

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That is an awfully small looking arena for a raid boss.


Not really. The actual area you fought Terramorphous in (not the bit leading to it) was of equivalent size.

But he isn’t a raid boss, at least not that Id think of, especially having played WoW for a while, and then games like Division 2 that did Raid setups pretty well arena wise.

It could also be a warp point to a future DLC. Or part of a future story mission. All we know so far is its unable to be reached until future releases or updates.

We’ve got a bunch of details in this thread, but ultimately, no. You can ramp in there with a vehicle, but nothing happens. The leading theory comes from an IGN stream where we see them killing a giant Varkid in that arena.

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