Borderlands 3 Eridium Fabricator

Can we get an explanation as to why the Fabricator only produces legendaries when you pay Typhon to make guns for you? I’ve spent thousands of eridium to try and get a legendary myself with it to no avail, yet you can get one every 30-40 eridium when you have Typhon do it for you.

This means in order to use it to get legendaries you have to stop progressing through the game. Is this intentional or a bug? Please help me understand.

I would like to know why they made it be stuck in my inventory. Let me put it in my bank, tired of carrying it around. it is worthless junk. I know i can sell it, but i want to hold onto it.

It’s to keep you from using it on low level characters that have yet to beat the game.

its not spend any space when its in your bag. if you don’t want to see it in your bag. couz you need to
switch weapon often . you can hang it on the show case in your room .


I actually thought of trying that and completely forgot to try it. Thanks, i will do that. Tired of seeing it in my bag.

I spent somewhere around 50 on Typhon and gave up on him making me a legendary it takes so long for that animation to produce consistent garbage :neutral_face:. Kept trying for that long as I saw he got knocked backward using it and wanted to see if he could shoot himself off the ledge into the abyss :thinking:. Sadly he gets an invisible wall to prevent himself from falling off ledges.

Would still like a Dev reply on this if possible. Please respond

Why would you waste time doing that when you could farm any boss for legendary items.

It doesn’t take any space man.

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