Borderlands 3 family jewel get to container impossible jump

I have tried like thousand times but it is quite impossible to make a jump to the second container in the family jewel quest in Voracious Canopy.

I have even tried to play the game again from the very beginning but was still unsucessful.

I am very desperate to get past this and continue playing the game.

Please help!!!

Have you tried watching a walkthrough of the level to find the route? Also is it the part where Balex wants you to lower the crate with the mech body inside? And if so did you find the staircase which leads to an upper level where you can find a jumping path to said crate?

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Hi OneAngryKitty,

Yes, I’ve watched the youtube clip for it. I can jump to the first container from the upper level but jump to the second container always falls short.

Dumb question - are you sprinting during jump? If not, I doubt you could make it.

Yes, I have tried every possible way to jump. I was just wondering if it is possible for someone to join my gameplay and help me complete the quest.

IIRC once you are on the first of those crates, all you need to do is shoot the link on the second crate? Check for a red glow on the chain. (I know that the mission is possible as I’ve completed it with all four VHs; I don’t remember having huge issues on that section with any of them.)

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