Borderlands 3, Farming, Legendaries, and how you acquire them: We've got a few issues

This is my first post on the GBX forums, so forgive any formatting uglies and such.

Borderlands 3 has made for an incredible gameplay experience, guns feel terrific, all the characters are incredible with x build, the whole nine yards. I adore this game and how it plays, but there’s some real glaring issues.

As it currently stands, almost all legendaries that one would be interested in acquiring are capable of world dropping. Fine, this isn’t an issue usually. The issue arises when you realize that nearly every boss/unique enemy in the game only has but one, maybe two drops specific to them, and in most cases those aren’t the most sought after items.

Mayhem Mode, nearly across the board, has made acquiring legendaries far too much of a crapshoot, while also diminishing the feeling that legendaries used to have, holding themselves as unique sought after weapons. Currently, the game is very much in a state of “Another Speedloadin’ Hellwalker, oh joy…” in the middle of an x amount of hour session farming the fastest possible enemy you know you can kill, be it Chupacabratch or Graveward.

There’s no direct way currently that has been found, to specifically target farm what you want, and it’s quickly hurting the gameplay loop. If I want a Butcher of x element with x parts, my best option is to find the quickest route for a easy unique enemy so that they might drop what I’m looking for, while they drop an absolute ocean of other legendaries that most likely aren’t useful for me, and if they’re useful for another character, feed into the issue of the bank having farrr too little space.

I’ve quickly found myself in a phase, after completing the Enforcer tree of Guardian Ranks, spending time at level 50 as Amara, and farming a metric ton of loot, that things are quite boring. Specific drop locations need to return, or things like Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter need to become more rewarding in order for the game to have any longevity. It makes little sense that I should be able to kill Graveward on Mayhem 3 in literal seconds and be rewarded more for that, than completing a Proving Grounds run on Mayhem 3, which is significantly more difficult.

Mayhem Mode also needs adjusting. Mayhem Mode is so much less than what it could be. Where’s the actual Mayhem? Making me do 35%-50% less damage or more damage with something isn’t Mayhem. Where’s the modifiers like the Underdome had in BL1? Why can I get a negative in modifier 1 of a map that reduces my shotgun damage, just to get a positive in modifier 2 of the same map that negates the previous negative? Please relook at Mayhem mode and make it more interesting. For example, your health constantly drains and killing restores. All enemies spawn with shotguns. Enemies always have elemental weapons, and elemental damage is amplified. More than just “do more damage or do less damage.” And please, for the love of all that is holy- no more 30% chance to reflect bullets. It’s so hilariously annoying and makes Amara with her ricochet skill basically cut her own leg off. You can strafe your own bullets, but you can’t strafe the ricochet bullets.

I absolutely want this game to last and this post probably seems far too early into it’s life, but I know I’m not the only one feeling this right now. Content creators have expressed the same worries, people on the r/borderlands3 subreddit have done so as well. I want this game to succeed, truly.