Borderlands 3 Fast travel not working

Hey there I’m experience an issue with the fast travel I’m the game. I have to rediscover all the past travel points on all the planets again even though I already have. I play on two different xbox sometimes so maybe that made the issue, I don’t know but this is frustrating because I want to play the game how it is intended but now I have to walk through all the drones just to rediscover all the travel points ridiculous. I did not switch to true vault hunter mode if that’s what you are thinking I’m still on normal mode and my level is 50, and have passed the game, all my other characters still work properly so why is My Moze travel points mess up please advise.

I’ve had the same problem when I log on today. I play on PS4. Does anyone know how to fix it? I’m stuck on Sanctuary and I need to get back to Pandora to progress with the story

Having the same issue, I dropped into Midnight’s Cairn and I can’t leave because of drop pod, maybe? I’ve tried to fast travel everywhere it seems like and now I’m stuck. Update: not stuck, but I can’t go back to Sanctuary.