Borderlands 3 feels kinda empty compared to 1, 2, the pre-sequel, even the telltales series

I don’t know if is just me, but does the game not feel right?

It has the same quirks, humor, raw character and “taboo” subjects. But after putting the controller down for a break, it felt like a one piece russian doll.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe it’s the subtle difference in voice actors, the controls, maybe even the first few environments.

I felt empty. Compared to my whole experience with growing up on the borderlands games, this one just has a new tone.

Maybe I just need to get used to it, or perhaps there are others out there who agree?


To me the humor is drastically worse and simply not funny, and Claptrap voice actor is just not good.

I agree with you though, the game for the most part just isn’t feeling remotely the same.

Game mechanics and combat are good for me though.


I completely agree! I just wanted to see if I was the only one who thought it.

It’s a shame though, because I always look back at borderlands 2 which was one of my favourite games and i think about the dry humour and how perfect (the majority not all) the writing was.

Maybe that’s what’s missing from BL3

Different lead writer always means changes, but yeah, the humor is not even remotely the same.

I agree, it has everything on the surface that the other games have - kill ■■■■, loot guns, kill more ■■■■ - but the “heart” that was there in the earlier games doesn’t seem to be there.

That said, maybe we’re just distracted by the lack of vertical splitscreen, unreadable text, and frame drops in couch co op on our end and as such are playing in a frustrated state anyway, not showing so much of the shine to come through


I don’t get it. You guys must be playing a different game than me, because I think BL3 is chock full of goodness - far from empty. As far as the humor, well, humor is very subjective, but I think it’s fine.


It feels closer to the first one than BL2, so for those who have been playing the second one for thousands of hours I can kinda understand. For me though, i’m enjoying every.single.side.mission… there are no ‘simple fetch quests’ they are all fleshed out and well written/acted.

p.s.- it’s been over a decade since the first one… maybe some of you are outgrowing the humor? ; )


it’s different, not “drastically worse” (to me anyways). I’ve laughed quite a bit actually. Also, I find the enemies animations and remarks humorous. I’ve enjoyed it so far


I had to play it for five or six hours before it started really growing on me. A lot about it is really different - some bad IMO but a lot good. Gearing up for another marathon tonite :wink:

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How can you top off Dameon Clarke? He is a great actor and voice over. He brings Handsome Jack to life with a character similar to his own from “How to Be a Serial Killer” (2008). Claptrap as well remained a steady figure throughout. Those 2 to me brought the series the most comedic efforts. Wish they could have worked something out with the original voice actor which won’t happen it seems. They also say Handsome Jack will not return he is for sure dead, from a story like that has digi-jacks and clones? Would make a great expansion if anyone is listening?! But anyway, my .02

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I disagree. The gme feels just like BL2. Only bigger. the areas are enormous.


Have about 8 hours in game so far. Haven’t had a chuckle yet. We’ll see. Claptrap has lost his mojo in my opinion. Sure he sounds similar but Claptrap used to crack me up. It’s the essences of the character that’s missing. The new voice over guy has done his best but it’s like replacing Al Pacino with Scott Baio. Guns are good though.

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I totally agree. I was going to write a Reddit post but got halfway through and thought I must just. Be imagining it. I don’t think it’s drastically worse, more just feels a bit empty and soulless right now, something closer to destiny. I reckon it’s just a combination of small things, the darker atmosphere, the less cell shaded more realistic unreal engine (pun intended?), different play style with the new mechanics, etc. Etc. I remember the leap from BL1 to BL2 felt so natural because there wasn’t huge changes, just expansion of existing features. I think given more play time into the game I’ll change my mind but for now, I’m left anxious at the thought that I’ve waited 7 years for BL3 and it might never feel like a BL game which is honestly heartbreaking because this is one of my favourite game series ever. Very interested for others thoughts.

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what do you mean claptrap is voiced by a different actor? I honestly did not notice…

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Hi, well humor is far from Borderlands 2 , I think gearbox did this one rhater focused on young/kids than adults.


With my last breath, I curse… claptrap


The beginning tries its best to ape the first 2 games. Clap trap feels better later when they’re not writing him like the cheery-yet-actually-quite-depressed robot from 2. The inflection felt forced in those cases.

Writing is worse overall, but so far the side missions are hitting that funny bone for me.

And I wish Vaugn had died rather than Scooter.

Eh…it feels a lot like 1 to me, which I like. It’s definitely not a new tone; just different from 2.


My only complaint was having to spend the first hour or so figuring out how to get the controls back into being snappy and responsive and dealing with character drift. it’s nice to be able to adjust Deadzone and such but the default way it shipped was rough…then again I’ve read that it can depend on your controller. Anyways, once I got that straightened out my only gripe is it’s a bit laggy in menus.

Not sure what new mechanics y’all are talking about but with the awesome addition of mantling and sliding and alternate weapon modes, I feel like Im just playing a ‘best of’ compilation of BL1, BL2 and The Presequel that looks a lot better.

Same familiar mechanics and Borderlands I’ve grown to love, it just looks sweet. Although, seeing Lilith was slightly stunning at first. I’m keeping an open mind to new voice actors and story elements. The humor definitely feels the same to me. I still chuckle and LoL a lot. The quests have been really amazing so far, like always. Yeah, I’m good. Super pleased. No game is ever perfect but this is damn close IMHO. Hope I get 6-7 more years out of this one!


I will sound like the trolliest troll around but now Borderlands 2 fans feel what i felt when B2 came out. So have it boiiiz, you’ll live with this for a very long time. :slight_smile: Just kidding. If you think of B3 as a mashup of the first two games you’ll get the right picture. Personally I think it’s great! Give it a time to grow. The bugs will be fixed. I’ve been with the franchise since B1 launch and every game had a it’s rough early times, but Gbx always does their best, so bugs will be fixed soon. You have to admit that B3 launch is nowhere near Fallout 76. About the tone, it’s as close to B2 as possible,but level and maps design are more like B1, which i absolutely love. Also it’s their first Unreal 4 game and it’s a blast, imagine what will come next. Ciao! :>