Borderlands 3 for beginners!

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I am very new to this game! I am only currently level 10 but I had a previous character before that was level 20 but I started again as Zane. However, I do have a question…

I have read and understand that I should just play the main story and skip all the side quests because that will help my progression in the endgame. Plus I will also be able to keep the good loot because it will be at my current level.

If so then how am I going to be able to keep my rank high enough whilst doing the campaign. My last attempt wasn’t very successful and I was getting chewed up by enemies.

Any tips on how to keep my rank similar to the foes I’ll be facing? Or am I missing something? Or is it simply the case of GET GUD?

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For the normal mode play-through, just do whatever you need to do so that you are at a level you are comfortable with throughout the story progression.

The advice to save side quests is normally reserved for second play-through (TVHM) since you can basically level all the way to 50 in normal pretty easily in BL3 (at which point TVHM will start at max level)

If you currently feel under-levelled, do some side quests or complete crew challenges on maps from the first stages of the story. That will net you some better gear; you can also redeem some golden keys periodically since the chest contents will always be your level.


Only reason I would argue the:

Remember for completions (that are tied in with some side quests) can only be done once per character. That is why people kinda hint to stay away. Otherwise you get a low level Bekah and such.

I would say also if you feel under-leveled, stay in that are killings mobs in surrounding areas as the higher levels will offer more exp. (just what I do anywho)

Really just depends how you want to play. Is the completion gear important to you? And is rushing the best thing for you?

VH101 points out the fun, how you are kinda supposed to do it way. It is the way I did it on my Fl4k (1st char)

However second character Zane, sped through story missions (as fast as I could anyway) then put on M1 and went back and did a few unimportant side missions. Then killed Graveward a bunch of times to 50. Then started TVHM on M4 and starting it all over going for completions and mission items with anoints and such.

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Anywhere I can find a list of side quests to avoid?

A lot are chains like “Kill so and so”.

Like this:

There are also the Hammerlock ones too.

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Can you do side quests again in TVHM?

Yes, but once you complete all targets, you are done with that part.

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Yes, please feel free to do side-quests in your first playthrough, you need the levels and it won’t hurt your long-term prospects.

And some of us are not saving side-quests for level 50. I’m saving some side-quests for the inevitable level cap increase that will be happening some vague and unpromised time in the future.

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Use golden keys. Before level 50 this is a sure fire way of getting quality loot. If you get to an area, mission, or boss that you can’t seem to get past, use a key. My 2nd toon cake walked through normal and tvhm without doing any side missions and mostly running past enemies. I was level 48 when I finished Tyreen. Couldn’t have done it without the golden key chest.

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Also any boss you meet feel free to farm them for a while. They net good xp and drop gear that could be just what your needing.

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Grind Gigamind til 13/14 and you’ll be fine.

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It’s great that the player base in this game gives good, useful, helpful advice. Some forums sadly don’t.

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Also if you can co-op and set to cooperation mode, enemies always scale to your level so you don’t need to do any side stuff you don’t want to for exp.

Also collectibles like claptrap parts, vehicle parts, towers and such give experience around what a quest at your level does, I find grabbing those helps keep levels up too.

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