Borderlands 3 Frame time

Hello, Since Borderlands 3 update 1.0.8 every 10 seconds it generates a lower FPS and I cannot solve the problem.
I have already installed Windows 10 from 0 and I have only installed the Epic store and Borderlands 3 1.0.10 and it remains the same.
With the other games it does not happen to me and I play without problems.
I need a solution to this with Borderlands 3 problem.
Thank you

Moved you to tech support section. There’s a few things that could be contributing to this. One is all the background checks the system does for things associated with the game’s Social communication features.

Things to check:

  • In Social > ECHOcast settings - make sure this is turned off unless you are streaming using the ECHOcast plugin
  • In Options > Social & Network - try turning social notifications off

There’s also an option you can set in the config file to change texture streaming, which can sometimes help with stuttering. A search on this section should pull the relevant information up. :arrow_upper_right: :mag:

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I edit: after reinstalling Windows 10 use DDU to remove any driver and reinstall all Direcx and visualc libraries and well I have been unable to play for 1 month, it turns out that the solution is as simple as deactivating everything related to ECHOcast settings.

Thanks VaultHunter101 for the solution.