Borderlands 3 freeze/crash every 20-30 minutes

I’ve been experiencing crashes since game launched and I can’t find a fix for it.
I can play the game for 30 minutes and then itcompletely freezes but I can still hear the sound. I can minimize Borderlands while it’s frozen and use Windows normaly, it’s not causing problems for the whole system.
I tried both max and lowest settings but it crashes on every setting possible.
My CPU might be a problem (AMD A8-7600), it’s an old processor, but I’ve seen Borderlands 3 running on even worse computers without freezing.

CPU: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 4 Cores, ~3.5 GHz
RAM: 16 GB (2x8) Dual Channel 1866 MHz
Motherboard: ASRock FM2A88M Extreme4+

Maybe my hard drive is causing it to crash, who knows.


Same problem here.
Never had an issue in my 80+h of gameplay even on very long gaming sessions, but now in tvhm at level 57 mayhem 2, it keeps crashing/freezing like described by op every 20-30min.

Using Windows 7, i5 3570k, gtx 680

EDIT: Updating to the newest nVidia Drivers fixed this issue for me :slight_smile:

EDIT2: So i was able to play yesterday for couple of hours without an issue, but today i played for 2h or so straight and then the game froze again… The worst part is: It was in the 4th round of the torque arena (star 3000 or something like that), i haven’t restartet yet, but i am pretty sure it has ruined the quest and i need to start over… So much playtime wasted, just because of this stupid freeze…

EDIT3: Seems to be fixed for now, i was able to game out the whole day yesterday without any crashes

Same here:

Win 10
i5 6600k
Geforce 1060 6Gb
16Gb RAM
Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
Samsung 950 Pro NVMe

Playetime total 13 days, maybe 2 or 3 crashes in total. Tried to play RoC today, crashed 3 times. Gets frustrating, you know…

I have the same problem. Only started recently, but random freezes with the sound still playing. Radeon RX 580, I5-6600K, 16gb RAM, win10 pro.


I have the same equipment except GPU because I have RTX, nothing has improved since the last update😔

“throwing spaghetti and seeing if it sticks” technique.

What about unlocking all your cores, as per:

Again, just throwing something else out there to try.

I have same problem. Since one week i can’t play normal. Sometimes my game is crashing after playing 5 min, sometimes after playing 10 min, sometimes after playing 20 min. It’s so anying. My screen freezes but sounds playing.

Are you working to fix it? I am sorry, but i am hearing about new DLC, new event etc but i dont see anything about fixing this crashes.

BTW. I make everything i can find in internet to fix freezing/crashes and still cant play normal :frowning:

Make sure that your mayhem modifiers do NOT include Mob Mentality or Chain Gang.


in my case, it started happening a bug that occurs with other games which uses unreal engine 4 for some people, that the engine simply has problems with hyperthreading (virtual cores) that causes memory leaks and crashes the game or system and i noticed that shortly before the crash my cpu would go 100% on almost all cores for seemingly no reason (nothing running at the same time)

this problem was posted even in late 2017 on other games’ forums but there is not a solution anywhere…the funny thing is i have other games that also run unreal engine 4.0 and it never crashes

now for the good part ( follow at your discretion!):
i “fixed” it by disabling hyperthreading (equals to make the affinity only for your real cores) for borderlands3.exe using a software called process lasso…you can also disable hyperthreading globally in your bios setup but i don’t recommend this
i don’t notice any visible fps drops in the game but in certain places like sanctuary (lots of interactions) some stutters and hiccups are introduced
you can follow this workaround and see if it works for you…worked for me at least and never crashed the game ever again

for those who are curious this workaround (not a fix of the game) was found in a racing game that also uses unreal engine 4.0 you can google about it

i’m having the same issue since the dlc 4 got released … i believe its not an issue of our pcs but from the game … since everything else works on windows … also i keep the task manager open in order to keep track of my percentages ! Gearbox hear us out and give us a helping hand !