Borderlands 3 fully developed game?

I dont think it was close to be concidered a complete game.
Matchmaking is worse than in Borderlands 2 where you could browse through different lobbys, also just looks ugly.
Loading screen vault simbol looks like a bad joke.
Exploring doesnt feel rewarding at all.
Tons of Bugs and Performance issues.
Hotfixes instead of real problem solving, no one would have asked for that.
Hell there is no difference between Normal and TVHM no secret Bosses no Cut sceen changes not even the bosses act differently,
People can not access Mayhem in TVHM when reaching sanctuary even tho level 50 and all legendary loot.
We cant skip cut sceens, there is no vertical split and in Online coop there is a driving bug.

Its just too much and i cant belive we are overseeing through all that stuff and cheer on gearbox for giving us ■■■■. Its been 1 Month now. Is it really fine for you guys i mean if Borderlands 4 comes out and its even worse we cant complain at all after what the gave us with borderlands 3 and nobody seems to bother.


It is annoying that you have to complete tvhm to get mayhem in it


PC players do not have to complete tvhm to get mayhem they just net to access sanctuary


Well that’s ■■■■


There is a ‘30 day’ Patch which will come out soonish probably the next week or so that may or may not address some issues but it has to be compiled into a patch.

Hotfixes that have been issued are for smaller easier things that do not need to be in preapproved patches.

I agree with some of the things you mentioned but not all.


Well thats bad programming wich leads to my point its not fully developed yet.


Yes i know what the hotfixes are there for and i dont argue about that.

Well its just my opinion and i dont think they will do too much about the game if we dont stand for our vision of it as the community.

I’ve been saying since release day that I honestly do not think BL3 was beta tested to any degree.


Yes absolutely it is a good thing you and the rest of the community are voicing opinions because Gearbox do supposedly look at these when considering things that need fixing or patching or even implementing.

I know it isnt you only need to play split screen to see how buggy it is

The problem with internal testing is that the sample size is very small and generally the people know what to look for but its what the players find that tends to be overlooked internally so when a game is released there are many more discovered bugs and issues from a much larger sample size.

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Yee i played split from day one with my little brother and we where pretty bummed.
Well after the second patch it went better but it just felt like a huge let down in the first place.
I´m still very optimistic about the future of Borderlands 3 but therefore i think we need a miraculous improvement in many aspects.

Yeah me and my friend have played together since BL1 and we’ve always enjoyed it but when you have to go into your menu it’s ridiculous the amount lag there is got to the point where we decided we’re not allowed to go into our menus if there’s enemies nearby


I dont know is the rest of the community really concerned about the base game?
Cause i have the feeling most of the people are crying for nervs and buffs.
I mean in Zane´s case i really understand people want his skills to work.

Exactly the same rule we had applied at around level 35 cause that was when our playthrough 1 was done and we activated mayhem 2.

I completely understand the idea of beta testing.

Ask yourself though, how quickly did you figure out that playing TVHM is actually easier then playing NVHM?

How quick did you find out that the xbox version you are playing lags horribly in the menu’s and many other places? They even admitted this is a known issue for pretty much all xbox owners. Why was it released before the issue was fixed?

Anyone playing Fl4k would have realized how OP Fade Away was the minute they used it, or how OP the endless grenades for Moze is.

I understand certain things can be missed by beta testers, but there are a lot of things in BL3 that were literally IMPOSSIBLE to miss if they actually tried it.


Literally none of the things you mentioned have I noticed.

I have completed the story but not touched TVHM mode yet.

I play PS4 version not Xbox.

I play FL4K as my only VH but never touched that ‘OP OMG 420 YOLO MEGA BUILD’ skill tree at all, I use the Orange I think Beastmaster? Skill tree as I made my own build not copying everyone else.

Which is absolutely fine, but a beta tester should be testing these.

I heard PS4 doesn’t have as many issues, but anyone playing Xbox knows about the lag, especially when you play split screen and go to the menu’s.

Anyone beta testing would test NVHM and then mayhem modes. Then they would check TVHM and to find out it is easier then NVHM should be a red flag.

Builds can get tough and I understand a lot of things being missed, but as an example, the moze issue with endless grenades was discussed before BL3 was even released. Theory crafters were already chomping at the bit in anticipation of that little nugget. Anyone beta testing Moze would have realized it the second they used it. What makes it worse is now Gearbox is saying it is a glitch when in reality it is working as the skill describes.

To be honest alot of the things you are saying are quite specific and while I agree they should have been caught in Beta Testing I imagine Beta testing to be quite thorough but also not certain specifics. Like the split screen, they must have tested it across all platforms you would imagine but did they test specifically going into menus on each platform while in splitscreen?

Did they specifically test that one skill with grenades? They more likely set up random builds using randomly thrown together and logically thrown together skill builds and just played as Moze rather than specifically testing to see if the grenades could be infinitely replenished.

TVHM I can understand they should have caught if it is that easy, I have yet to play it so I really can’t comment but theoretically if the enemies have higher HP and Shield than in Normal, even if you find it easier then by definition it is working as intended. By the time you get to TVHM you know the enemies, you know the missions, you know the locations, you are levelled probably to 50 and you are somewhat geared with decent level 50 gear so is it working as intended or is it broken?

Internal Beta testing usually focuses on game stability. Some companies then go to an external beta to get a larger sample size and feedback from people that haven’t essentially been trained to look for specific things. The latter feels like the part they might have needed to do and if they did actually do it then likely have pulled in a larger sample size.

As for the TVHM being easier than NVHM. IMO its been that way on the previous games with the notable exception of certain rather annoying bullet sponges in BL2 in the form of Rabid creatures and to a lesser degree the armored psychos. Those were only a bullet sponge if you ran into them without a good corrosive weapon. Aside from that you have a skill build going and better gear than your NVHM playthrough. It can seem easier than the previous games in this game though due to the fact you can hit lv 50 and gear out on legendary items at that level before even starting TVHM.

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